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Taipei Expats is a community and blog website that focuses on Taipei travel-related topics as well as listings and upcoming events.

Visitors come to our site to find English information about Taipei, including sightseeing, food, accommodation, entertainment, and so on.

Audience & Demographics

Our audience basically consists of people interested in Taipei as well as Taiwan as a whole, including English-speaking locals, foreign residents (expats), and travelers interested in visiting and exploring Taiwan.

The Taipei Expats site has seen traffic grow constantly since its launch in September 2015. We promote our content through social media channels, which we currently focus on Facebook and Instagram.

Audience Metrics

The following information describes the average size and scale of our Taipei Expats site audience across the year:

Data as of Nov 2021 – Nov 2022

Sessions 163,821
Page Views 250,909
Users 113,629
New Users 112,214

New Users Returning Users
80% 20%

Social Media Metrics

Taipei Expats on its social media platforms:

Facebook (Page) 5,300 likes (5,900 followers)
Facebook (Group) 12,000 members
Facebook (Marketplace) 5,800 members
Instagram 1,466 followers


Taipei Expats audience:

Age demographics
Gender demographics

English 87.3%
Chinese 8.5%
Other 4.2%

Taiwan 68%
Singapore 12%
USA 7%
Philippines 5%
Malaysia 4%
Hong Kong 2%
Other 2%

We recorded our traffic and demographic data via Google Analytics on June 10, 2022.

Advertising Opportunities

Taipei Expats offers numerous advertising opportunities for advertisers to reach our valuable, targeted audience, including ad space and sponsored posts.

If you’re interested in cooperating with us and wish to receive more info, please contact us.

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