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Taipei Expats is a large and ever-growing expat community in Taipei across all our social media channels and website.

As the community grew, so did the amount of advertisements that was constantly being posted, causing a negative impact.

As it’s important to maintain the quality for the entire community, we have put an advert fee in place in order to lower the rate of Ads while retaining relevance of the content being posted. ~ Thanks for understanding!

Advertising on Taipei Expats (Social Media / Website)

All requested relevant advert posts can be shared on the Taipei Expats website (and across our social media channels).

Your advert post will be shared by the Taipei Expats Admin to the available channels:

    1. Website (classifieds)
    2. Taipei Expats (group)optional
    3. Buy Sell & Trade (group)optional

If you are interested in posting a relevant advert post that isn’t spam, simply pay by the payment options below.

Paying by Bank Transfer:

300 NTD = 1 shared post on the official website (and across all social platforms).

Your Post Ad request will not be posted until the funds have cleared in our account.

Paypal buy now button

Paying by Paypal:

$10 USD = 1 shared post on the official website (and across all social platforms).

Once the payment is successful, you will be redirected to an Ad Post where you can customize where you want it shared.

Terms & Conditions

    1. All advert posts MUST be relevant and NOT spam in order for us to keep the group helpful and safe. all irrelevant ads and spam will be rejected and your payment refunded.
    2. Repeat offenders of paying for irrelevant adverts or spam would have their Paypal email address blocked from making future payments.
    3. All paid Shared advert posts will be posted by Taipei Expats Admin Team soon after purchase (within 24 hours).
    4. We currently do not accept video content as a Post Ad (For example: mp4 formats), only pdf|txt|doc|docx|jpg|png|jpeg are currently accepted.

What is considered as an irrelevant Post?

  • Irrelevant Posts:
  • Posting in the group to create an awareness of a product, service or an event that isn’t considered helpful or relatable to the Taipei expat community, (the audience of a community of foreigners living, working and traveling in Taipei).

    What is considered as spam?

  • Spam:
  • Sharing an unreliable, harmful or unhelpful facebook page in the means to promote it (such as for the interests to exploit the group for page likes or financial gains).

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