Elegant Realty Services: Finding Your Ideal Rental Apartment in Taipei

When it comes to choosing between Taipei’s many real estate agents and landlords, Elegant Realty stands out as a great choice.

Elegant Realty Services

As our lease is coming to an end, we need to move apartments. This has allowed us to conveniently live close to our new workplace in Taipei.

We knew too well that signing an apartment lease in English can be a challenging task, especially if you are a newcomer to Taiwan.

We even published an article to assist new expats in Taipei in finding a new home, but the article didn’t offer a foolproof method for doing so in English. I found Elegant Realty to be a much more pleasant and simple experience.

Elegant Realty is an estate agency

Elegant Realty is an estate agency that stood out from other reputable expat-friendly estate agencies.

Through collaborations with multiple landlords, serviced apartments, and building developers stationed in Taipei, they strive to meet the needs of foreigners.

Table of Contents

1. About Elegant Realty
2. Eliminating your language barrier
3. Finding your ideal home
4. Long-term service
5. Legal Consultant
6. Reliable third party
7. Bilingual lease agreement
8. Service fee
9. Contact Information

About Elegant Realty

1. About Elegant Realty

The company has built long-term and strong relationships with landlords and tenants around the world, even appearing three times on “House Hunters International” – an American television show that is beloved by many.

As a real estate company with more than 20 years of experience in Taipei, they provide great service. Several friends of ours recommended we check them out since they had positive experiences.

We heard that they assisted them with every aspect of moving to Taiwan, including translation, inspection, and moving in and out, eliminating all concerns and troubles they may have.

Language barrier

2. Eliminating your Language Barrier

It’s worth noting that most of their agents are fluent in English or Japanese, which means you’re in good hands!

Most of our friends expressed how much they needed help with translating information from the plumber or building manager and even just explaining their apartment issues to the landlord.

Their service not only includes finding you the ideal home but also staying reachable when you are in need!

Your Ideal Home

3. Finding Your Ideal Home

With Elegant Realty’s exclusive database in Taipei, you can find your ideal home among thousands of apartments. A wide range of apartment options is available based on your preferences for housing type, size, and location.

With Elegant Realty, one of our friends was able to find an apartment nearby Yangming Mountain, which overlooks one of Taipei’s best night scenes.

A friend of ours chose a modern apartment near Taipei 101 surrounded by malls and nightlife, and a family we know settled for a spacious apartment near the Dazhi riverbank.

In addition to their good relationship with Taipei landlords, Elegant Realty offers exclusive listings that other housing agents might not provide.

Long-term service

4. Long-term Service

The fact that Elegant Realty has been offering excellent rental services for 20 years is appealing. Our friends have lost service because the company they used closed before their lease expired.

They’ve accompanied thousands of people from all over the world during their stay in Taiwan, whether they were a large family, a student, a professional, a local firm, or a global organization.

The team guarantees that they will be there to assist you on the day of your move-in and the day of your move-out!

Your legal consultant

5. Legal Consultant

You can put your mind at ease and know that the landlord and you will comply with housing regulations and property laws in Taiwan.

No unreasonable deposit/penalty/clause would be requested and no phony landlord would take advantage of you.

A reliable third party

6. Reliable Third Party

Elegant Realty assists clients in documenting details of rental lease conditions by taking photos and creating an inventory of all furniture/items.

In addition, when moving into or out of a house, they inspect it with both the landlord and you to ensure that it is acceptable to both parties.

Bilingual lease agreement

7. Bilingual Lease Agreement

Elegant Realty has worked with numerous companies, providing them with many lease agreement templates that are verified by legal attorneys.

As a result, the lease contract that they provide is trustworthy.

Service fees

8. Service Fees

They charge half a month’s rental as a commission when signing the contract. No extra fee or hidden cost.

Considering the all-inclusive service mentioned before, this is such a well-deserved deal. One of our friends got leased from a local agent and got no help with translation nor assistance on moving out.

Certain exclusive companies also offer VIP services with higher fees due to increasing demand. From our experience, we suggest getting in touch with David Lai directly.

His information is below:

Elegant Realty – (David Lai)

Website: https://elegantrealty.business.site/

Phone: (+886) 227 643 111

David Lai Tel: +886 933 723 681

Open Hours: 9am – 6pm (weekdays)

Facebook: 上品房屋 Elegant Realty

Email: [email protected]

English Address: Building 5-6, No. 141, Keelung Rd, Xinyi District, Section 1, Taipei City, 110

Chinese Address: 110台北市信義區基隆路一段141號5號樓之6

🗓️ Updated: November 2022 – Taipei.Expats

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