Hawkeye: Boozy Cocktails at an Air Force-Themed Bar

Hawkeye is a WWII air force-themed bar with boozy cocktails and awesome military decor of vintage fighter planes hanging from the ceiling.

New Cocktail


This cool bar creatively combines a World War II fighter aircraft theme with cocktails to create an awesome and unique spin to the Taipei nightlife scene.

This spot makes a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy drinks from a creative cocktail menu. They also have a decent food menu – making it convenient if you’re coming straight from work or haven’t eaten yet.

Hawkeye (front)

Hawkeye is located in Da’an, but they’re not very close to any MRT stations.  The best route to get there from the MRT is from Zhongxiao Fuxing Station, Exit 2, (blue line) being about a 10-minute walk.

They’re pretty much an equal distance from Da’an Station, exit 6, which would be a 12-minute walk if you’re coming from the red line.

Hawkeye (entrance)

Table of Contents

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2. Our Cocktails
3. The Restaurant
4. Worth Visiting?
5. Bar Information

Hawkeye bar

The atmosphere was chilled and quite upbeat when we visited on a Friday evening. Dim lights were glowing in different colors which matched the trance-style pop music playing in the background.

It’s fairly spacious inside as they have plenty of bar stools as well as sofas and tables for people that come to hang out in groups.

The tables are also for eating since they serve food here. We found that out as we were sitting nearby the back where the kitchen is, and some of the smells were making us salivate.

Hawkeye (inside)

Most of the decorations seem to represent vintage elements of the American and British air force – and it’s pretty cool!

Aircraft model 2
Aircraft Model 1

We couldn’t help but admire the huge aircraft models elegantly hanging from the ceiling.

The bar doesn’t have many game machines like other typical bars or micro-pubs in Taipei, however, they do have two modern dart machines in the corner.

dart game machine

Our Cocktails

The drinks menu had a wide range of classic cocktails along with their signature cocktails. However, we were told that they were improving their menu and adding new cocktails to it.

In light of that, they offered us to try their new cocktails that are not on the current menu to which we were happy to check out.

New cocktails 1 (focused)

Our first cocktail ($400) came in a large and tall wine glass, made with early gray tea, whiskey, and blueberries which gives it its red color. The drink comes with a lit cinnamon stick on top which smokes away to create a sweet aroma as we drank it.

We loved it — the combination of fruit and tea made a slightly bittersweet, refreshing drink that was still strong enough to get the party started. This was a great cocktail to begin the night.

New cocktails table

New cocktails 2 (cloche)

The next cocktail to arrive ($400) came in a glass cloche filled with mist which dispersed when the mixologist lifted the lid off.

Once the mist cleared, it presented a vibrant and elegant-looking fruity drink.

New cocktails 2 (focused)

Gin was used at the base, with the added ingredients of green apple, honey, and elderflower.

The green apples and honey gave it a sweet and fruity flavor which was delicious, although we couldn’t taste the alcohol at all.

New cocktail on table

The Restaurant

We came to Hawkeye pretty early in the evening and hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so we ordered a few things off the menu to go with our drinks.

Stir-fried clams

Stir-Fried Clams ($300)

We started with something light from the stir-fry options of the menu, but to our surprise, the clams were fairly big and juicy.

Another thing we didn’t expect was that they’re spicy, although only mildly which would probably go quite well with beer.

Stir-fried clams (focused)

We loved how this plate goes with the aviation theme as it looks a lot like a propeller.

As for the price of this dish, we figured it was more intended to be shared with a group of friends – similar to the food at a KTV.

Taiwanese dry beef noodles

Taiwanese Dry Beef Noodles with Sauce ($320)

The next dish we ordered was from the noodles section of the menu. We were very impressed with the quality of beef in this meal. It was tender and deep in flavor which reminded us of the beef in a decent beef noodles restaurant.

Taiwanese dry beef noodles (focused)

The noodles, hidden under the beef and broccoli, were tender on the inside, but still firm to the bite on the outside.

We must point out though, that this dish was slightly spicier than the clams, just a bit more than mild.

Thai stir-fry with pork

Thai Stir-Fry with Pork ($300)

The last dish we ordered was another from the stir-fry options. We enjoyed sharing this meal between us as the juicy and chew pork blended the flavors well with the peppers.

Thai stir-fry with pork (focused)
Just as the name implies, it was pretty spicy, perhaps more than the clams and the beef noodles combined.

So, if spicy food is your thing, as it can make food more interesting, then we recommend Thai stir-fry with pork.

The Menu

The bartender advised us they will be redoing their cocktails menu soon, but this is what they currently have:

Menu cover Food menu Cocktail menu

Worth visiting?

Hawkeye makes a very cool and easy hang-out spot to enjoy with friends for the evening on sofas with a table.

We found the bartender to be very accommodating and friendly when we asked questions about our drinks or wanted anything.

A lot of effort and creativity goes into their food and cocktails, so we wouldn’t mind visiting again to check out their new and improved menu.

If you’re worried about getting a table, we found they have a booking service (in English) after browsing around their Facebook page – so feel free to check that out.

Will we go back?

We wouldn’t mind if we’re already in the area. It’ll be interesting to see what new cocktails they have since they said they’re in the middle of improving their cocktail menu.

Hawkeye Bar & Kitchen

Tues-Thurs: 5:30pm – 2am
Fri & Sat: 5:30pm – 3am
Closed Sun & Mon

Facebook: Hawkeye-Taipei

English address: 92, 1F, Section 3, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei City, 106

Chinese address: 106台北市大安區仁愛路三段92號1F

Closest MRTs:

Zhongxiao Fuxing Station (about 10 minutes)

Da’an Station (about 12 minutes)

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🗓️ Updated: April 2021 – Taipei.Expats

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