How To Use GoShare for Scooter Sharing in Taipei

GoShare is a super convenient and eco-friendly scooter rental service in Taipei that’s become a growing success recently.

The Gogoro 2 scooter

GoShare is an innovative scooter-sharing scheme in Taipei. The entire process for you to find and ride a scooter is done using their app.

Here’s how you can start renting a GoShare scooter for convenient access across Taipei on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Their service area map shows they don’t completely cover all of Taipei City and New Taipei City, however, they are rapidly expanding.

GoShare current service area

Table of Contents

1. Models & Renting Prices
2. License Requirements & Restrictions
3. Downloading the App
4. Registering with GoShare
5. Finding and Riding
6. Temporary Stopping
7. Swapping the Batteries
8. Ending the Ride

Models & Renting Prices

Let’s start with their scooter models and the rental rates of each.

Gogoro Vivia

The Gogoro Viva is $15 for the first 6 minutes, and then $2.5 per minute afterward.

Gogoro 2 and 3

The Gogoro 2 & Gogoro 3 are both $25 for the first 6 minutes, and then $2.5 per minute afterward.

License Requirements to Use GoShare

You’ll need either a Taiwan motorcycle license, a Taiwanese driver’s license, or an International Driving Permit from your country that is accepted in Taiwan.

You can find out if your International Driving Permit is accepted in Taiwan by the government website.

Also, if you’re staying in Taiwan for more than 30 days, you should register for an international driving permit with the Taipei Motor Vehicle Office.

Understand the Restrictions

It’s important to know what kind of ID is needed after you submit your license. This is because they’ll reject your ID if you provide them with the wrong one, and will ask you to submit it again.

The model size of the scooters you can rent will depend on the type of license you submit.

GoShare licence restrictions

Downloading the App

You’ll need to search for ‘GoShare’, it looks like this:

The GoShare apps

If you cannot find it, it may mean you need to change your app store location to Taiwan.

Registering with GoShare

registration steps 1 to 3

registration steps 4 to 6

registration steps 7 to 9

Customer Support

Their support service is a live chat room within the app, and it’s amazing. They registered us pretty quickly after contacting them for assistance with the documents check part.

Once you’ve successfully registered, it usually takes 20 minutes to be approved (and be able to rent the scooters!)

Finding and Riding

From the app home screen, find and tap on any scooters located nearby you. Once you tap ‘reserve’, it’ll be reserved for you for 10 minutes. Currently, GoShare is giving newbies 30 minutes for free on their first ride.

Find and reserve a scooter

If you cannot find your scooter, simply press the small bell next to the license plate number. This will make the headlights and rear lights of the reserved scooter flash to help you find it quicker.

Scooter help finder

We found it!

Gogoro Parked

Once you’re at your scooter, the app will show prompts on how to open the trunk. You can always refer to the app ‘tutorial’ from the info center at any time.

How to open the trunk

You can find a pouch full of disposable hairnets under the seat for you to use when wearing the helmets.

Where to find the hair nets

To start the scooter, retract the side stand, then pull the rear brake lever while pressing ‘GO’ on the dashboard.

How to start riding

Temporary Stopping

Parking temporarily is quick and secure to do, just bring outside stand then tap the padlock icon to show locked. To continue riding, retract the side stand, and tap the padlock icon to show unlocked.

Temporarily stopping

Swapping the Batteries

You can swap the batteries at any of their charging stations.

To find them, you will need to switch them on from the map.

Finding the charging stations

The Gogoro 2 uses 2 batteries, (the Viva model will just have one). Simply pull them out but be careful, they’re a bit heavy.

Changing the batteries

There will always be at least 2 empty slots for you to push them into for charging.

Inserting batteries to charge

After waiting for a moment or two, out pops 2 fully charged batteries. Then that’s it, put them into the scooter, and you’re done.

Check your app notifications for battery swapping rewards. From this battery swap, I got $20 off my next rental! You can view your coupons from the coupon icon.

Batteries ready

Ending the Ride

Before ending the ride, you must be:

  1. Within their service area,
  2.  Park in a legal parking space,
  3. Pack away the helmet(s),
  4. Ensure no trash is left with the scooter.

*NOTE: You mustn’t park in any illegal parking areas, private land, or basement parking lots.

Parked scooter

Once you have done those things, you can go ahead and tap the ‘End Ride’ button on the app. The app produces your receipt of the summary of each ride to your email address.

The app allows you to upload your parking photo, with the registration plate, as proof you parked legally.

Final thoughts

GoShare is a convenient transport option that you can have access to from around 20 minutes of registering. It offers more mobility than the YouBike and MRT while being cheaper than using a taxi.

We are looking forward to them expanding their service area to more areas across and beyond Taipei.

Let us know if you have any questions or thoughts on GoShare in the comments section, we’ll do our best to respond to them.

🗓️ Updated: February 2022 – Taipei.Expats

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