Enjoy a Relaxing Japanese Hair Wash in Zhongshan

joli,e is a Japanese hair salon that specializes in giving you a super relaxing and refreshing hair wash experience.

j,olie Hair Salon & hair wash

joli,e Hair Salon is owned and solely run by Hideco — a Japanese hairdresser with 15 years of experience. We found her hospitality very caring when she did our hair wash as she offered us a lot of hair suggestions and tips.

The salon is very close to Xingtian Temple and is just around a four-minute walk from Xingtian Temple Station, exit 1.

All appointments are done on a one-customer per time slot basis, so you get all her attention as well as the whole place to yourself. – We found it helps to feel completely relaxed with no uneasiness of anyone waiting for you to finish.

The entrance to joli,e

Table of Contents

1. About the Hair Salon
2. Our Hair Wash Experience
3. Price List
4. Worth Visiting?
5. Salon Information

joli,e Japanese interior

joli,e has a modern Japanese interior that helps create an immediate cozy atmosphere. The place is also pretty spacious for one customer at a time.

joli,e's environment and vibe

The kimono school next door

There’s a Kimono school next door, separated by the ‘shoji’ sliding doors. They were happy to let us take photos of them, it did feel like we were somewhere in Japan!

Hair wash begins

Our Hair Wash Experience

The hair wash is in four parts; shampoo -> massage -> bath -> blow dry. – The entire hair wash appointment is around 30 mins.

Beings the shampoo wash

Hideco uses Oway shampoo from Italy to clean the scalp, however, the product she uses depends on what she thinks your hair type needs.

The Japanese massage

The massage has to be my favorite part! She gently massages the pressure points which helps stimulate blood-flow circulation to my scalp.

Shampoo gets washed out

Her Japanese massaging style is exquisite as she applies different strengths to each area of your head depending on how hard it is.

Bathing hair wash

After she washes out the shampoo, the bathing part begins as she pours the warm water on my hair from different angles.

Hot towel wash and massage

She then softly uses a hot towel to relieve my scalp. I couldn’t help but feel super relaxed to the point I almost fell asleep!

The blow drying

The last part is the blow-dry. My hair type tends to get easily tangled, so I was impressed how her techniques made it silky and less likely to get tangled.

Straighten out hair

Finished hair wash

The final look

This hair wash is different from what I’ve ever experienced before. I felt she cares about the finer details (like avoiding loud sounds) to ease you into being deeply relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Relax after the hair wash

Price List

The cost of the 30-minute hair wash treatment was $500. This is slightly more expensive than typical Taiwanese hair salons, but what justifies the price is the ability to relax in privacy for your entire appointment.

Another noticeable benefit we like is the quality of the Japanese hair wash, as well as the toe-tingling head massage techniques that gently get to the pressure points using head reflexology.

Below is the chart on how Hideco judges your hair length with respect to the price list:

Hair lengths chart

Hair Wash: $500
(Includes shampoo, scalp massage & blow-dry)

Hair SPA – 90 mins: $2,000
(Includes shampoo, scalp massage, blow-dry & hand or shoulder massage)

Hair Cut: $1,500
(Includes shampoo, scalp massage, blow-dry & trim eyebrows)

Full Head Tint (excludes hair wash):
Short hair: $2,000
Medium hair: $2,500
Long hair: $3,000
Very long hair: $3,500

Full Head Perm (excludes hair wash):
Short hair: $2,500
Medium hair: $2,800
Long hair: $3,000
Very long hair: $3,500

To make an appointment, you need to arrange with her on LINE Messenger, if you don’t have LINE, you can download the LINE APP here.

Worth visiting?

This hair salon was ideal to relax in privacy for the entire appointment. I also felt the stylist’s care and attention without her time being shared with others.

The quality I experienced here is noticeably different than typical Taiwanese hair salons, so it was worth the $500.

Will we go back?

You can count on it!

joli,e Hair Salon

Hours: By appointment only

LINE ID: @xwz3495i

Facebook: Jolie 秀子 tw

Instagram: jolie_salon_tw

Email: [email protected]

English Address: 2F, No. 69, Lane 204, Songjiang Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City

Chinese Address: 台北市中山區松江路204巷69號二樓

Closest MRT: Xingtian Temple Station (exit 1)

” こんにちは!
joli,e は25代〜50代の大人の向けの落ち着いた隠れ屋サロンです。施術者でもあるjoli,eオーナー:hidekoがいいと思うものしかオススメしない、信頼できるヘアー兼美容サロンです。

    • 細やかにお客様の声を聞くための1to1対応。
    • カットのもちがとても良い。
    • ヘッドスパのマッサージが気持ち良い



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