Customize your own Salads and Healthy Spaghetti Bowls at MoooSalad

It’s hard to find a good salad in Taipei, so we’re pretty excited to share one of our new favorite places – MoooSalad, a salad restaurant.

Customize your own Salad Bowls

We were recently introduced to MoooSalad after expressing how super picky we can be on salads. We even feel the salads at the convenience stores are rather bland and not fresh.

MoooSalad is an English-friendly salad restaurant that serves a customizable selection of fresh and mouth watering-ingredients.

Mooosalad (front)

Mooosalad (entrance)

It’s pretty convenient to find them as it’s just a four-minute walk from the Zhongshan Junior High School MRT station. There’s only one exit, and it’s just down the road after you get out of the station.

Mooosalad (ordering)

When you get here, you’ll instantly feel the welcoming and humorous vibe of the place, and that’s all thanks to the friendly owner, called Devil. His English is pretty good, and he was keen to introduce himself to us.

It’s also pretty clear to see he has a real passion for being a chef of healthy foods. As if it’s a work of art, he puts a lot of special consideration and creativity into what he prepares.

Table of Contents

1. Creating your Ideal Salad Choice
2. Our Salad Choices
3. About the Restaurant
4. Downstairs Room for Hire
5. Worth Visiting?
6. Restaurant Information

Mooosalad Menus

Creating your Ideal Salad Choice

What makes this place awesome, is it’s very straightforward to create your salad. Everything you need to know is displayed on its own separate English menu board.

English Menu

First, you start with the base being a cold or warm salad, veggie spaghetti, or mixed grain rice. After you choose your bowl size, you can then decide on your dressing, followed by your preferred additions.

If you have any specific requests such as protein-rich, or even keto diet foods, just let them know, they can help prepare it for you.

Some good things on the menu we noticed:

  1. The special bread is half price if you get it as a set with the salad,
  2. No service charge, however, there is a minimum charge of $150.
  3. If you’re taking out, and use your container:
    (a) Order salad -> You get 50g more for free,
    (b) Order drinks -> You get a cookie for free.

MoooSalad is committed to not wasting food. They are therefore offering an incentive on not being picky (ordering all 13 ingredients of the day), and then sharing a photo of your empty bowl on Facebook to get a coupon. – It’s a win-win since you’ll improve your balanced diet!

Salad Ingredients

What we love about this place is its wide selection of locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Some of these ingredients are not common to see these days like traditional aboriginal foods.

This is the fruit and vegetables of the day since the selections can change daily to keep things interesting. Another reason is that they serve what is seasonally available.

Fruit and Beer

Amongst all the fruits and salad ingredients, there is beer!

If you do come by the MRT, then this is one other option on the cards for you. When we got chatting to the owner, he was pretty keen to tell us that how well beer works quite well with a salad, believe it or not!

Our salad choices

We asked Devil, the owner, what his recommendations are since we’re sure to be impressed by them – and these two bowls are what he prepared for us:

Cold Salad

Cold Medium Salad ($180)

The cold salad arrived in a bowl full of colorful ingredients. I couldn’t imagine preparing something as good as this at home, especially in this beautiful arrangement!

Cold Medium Salad

Everything in this bowl was bursting with flavor and freshness, even the three slices of tofu – as a good source of protein with a deep pleasing taste to it. The source for this bowl was sesame.

Warm Veggie Spaghetti

Warm Veggie Spaghetti ($180)

His second recommendation arrived as a warm veggie spaghetti with carefully chosen ingredients of meat. The source was the garlic and anchovy mixed with oil and vinegar.

On this day, they were serving Sichuan pepper sausages, it’s a little spicy, so it gave the meal an extra level of flavor.

Like a warm bowl rich in nutrients, it didn’t feel as if we were eating a typical salad-based meal at all.

Our Salad Choices

The Special Bread is made with wild yeast. It has a chewy outer crust, and the inside is soft with sweet dried fruit.

Mooosalad Environment

The place isn’t that big, but the pure white theme, cool lighting, and decorations made us feel very comfortable.

High Stools (seating area)

There’s a row of high-footed seating by the window which is suitable for dining alone for some peace. We also noted that there is an electrical socket nearby making it ideal to use a laptop.

Downstairs area (for hire)

Downstairs Room for Hire

They have a large downstairs area available for hire, but it is a ‘secret area’ – which is not obvious that it exists.

It can accommodate around 10 to 15 people, making it ideal for group get-togethers or whatever occasion. The area also includes a projector for formal purposes, such as team meetings or presentations.

If you’re interested in hiring downstairs, simply reach out to the owner, Devil by the restaurant’s contact details.

Worth visiting?

For sure! It’s quite nice to have the option of choosing from a salad, rice, or spaghetti bowl, all of which are healthy, but satisfy different cravings (light vs heavy, cold vs warm, etc).

Will we go back?

Yes, we can’t wait to be going back to try out other tasty combinations of vegetables and fruits.

Mooosalad (outside wall)


Mon-Fri: 11am – 8pm
Weekends: 12pm – 6pm

Telephone: 02 2547 2225

Facebook: MoooSalad

Instagram: mooosalad

English address: No. 70, Lane 222, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, 105

Chinese address: 105台北市松山區敦化北路222巷70號

Closest MRT: Zhongshan Junior High School MRT Station

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🗓️ Updated: March 2021 – Taipei.Expats

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