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Taiwan Receipt Lottery

How To Play Taiwan’s Receipt Lottery

There’s a receipt lottery in Taiwan, so save your receipts! Here’s a guide on how you can play and win small to huge cash prizes!

The Gogoro 2 scooter

How To Use GoShare for Scooter Sharing in Taipei

GoShare is a super convenient and eco-friendly scooter rental service in Taipei that’s become a growing success recently.

How to use YouBike 2.0

How To Use YouBike 2.0: Taipei’s More Convenient YouBike Services

The YouBike 2.0 offers a more convenient service than its predecessor YouBike 1.0. It’s easy to register for and simple to use by anyone, even foreigners.

How to use YouBike 1.0

How To Use YouBike: Taipei’s Public Rental Bikes

With an increasing amount of bicycle parking stations located around the city, YouBike is an excellent way to get around the city.

Xiangshan District Park

How to Find an Apartment in Taipei if you Can’t Speak Chinese

Here’s our updated guide on how to find an apartment in Taipei even when you can’t speak the local language.

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