Where to Find-long Stay Hotels in Taipei

Whether it be for a short-term work contract, a business trip, or a short time study, our friends found it difficult to find a suitable hotel that doesn’t cost them a fortune.

Long-term Hotels in Taipei

We’ve seen many expat community members raise the topic that surrounds the question – “Are there any hotels in Taipei that they can rent from month to month, or for only a few weeks at a time?”

Within these community discussions, we’ve learned a lot from those that had the experience of returning back to Taiwan while having to abide by the government’s latest quarantine rules.

Here’s everything we’ve learned from this topic, as well as their advice for recommending the most ideal long-term hotels in Taiwan.

Table of Contents

1. Qurarntine hotels
2. What is a Worktel?
3. What are extended-stay hotels?
4. Why stay at an extended-stay hotel?
5. Recommended quarantine/long-stay hotels
6. Average prices
7. What’s included
8. How long you can stay at an extended-stay hotel
9. The latest quarantine measures
10. mrhost Information

Quarantine hotels

Quarantine hotels

As you’ve probably worked out by now, the whole point of quarantining is isolation. When you arrive in Taiwan, you’re expected to stay at a quarantined hotel. That means being confined to your room, with no mixing between guests allowed.

Luckily, we’ve discovered from the expat community discussions that there are platforms such as the mrhost site which provides online quarantine hotel bookings throughout Taiwan.

This has allowed travelers to choose the most suitable type of quarantine accommodation environment according to their needs.

For instance, you can opt to stay at ‘worktel’ (an office-like hotel) so your business activities are not affected.


What exactly is a ‘worktel’?

A worktel is short for a work hotel. It offers short-term quarantine stays from five nights or more.

It’s called a worktel because the room also includes the amenities you will need for office work. This typically includes office furniture, a printer, a coffee maker and etc – making it suitable for business travelers.

mrhost Extended-stay hotels

Extended-stay hotels

Your decision between an extended-stay hotel and a regular hotel depends on your preferences and what amenities you anticipate needing.

You can, however, enjoy more benefits with extended-stay hotels in terms of features, flexibility in booking, and prices.

An extended-stay hotel provides accommodations for longer stays. Most of them come with amenities that will make you feel at home for several weeks or months.

In most cases, they are close to attractions, restaurants, and nightlife. Also, in-suite kitchens and laundry are also commonly provided, making it a more cost-effective and convenient option than renting a hotel room.

There are many types of extended-stay hotels, including studios, apartments, and luxury hotels with features such as private terraces and multiple bedrooms. Additionally, they offer discounted rates compared to normal hotels.

Extended-stay hotels

Why stay at these types of extended-stay hotels?

Business travelers, remote workers, interns, medical professionals, people on vacation, etc., are typically those who opt for extended stays.

Whether you’re traveling to Taiwan for business or to work, you’re not looking for a permanent home. You’re just there for a short duration (2 to 3 months). If you’re already in Taiwan, you may want the freedom to move to another city in order to take an exam, or you may want to move for an internship opportunity.

Extended-stay hotels provide excellent soundproofed rooms, WIFI, a business environment, and equipment. In addition to these services and the proximity to public transportation, you will have access to more services and be in a more convenient environment.

A hotel with an extended stay usually has spacious rooms where you can feel at ease. This is to make sure everyone gets a good night’s sleep, therefore, many suites may also include additional beds or sofa beds.

mrhost hotels

Recommended ways to find quarantine/long-stay hotels

This can be done in a variety of ways. The easiest way to find extended-stay hotels in Taiwan (or in any other city you plan to stay in) is to use your internet browser and search for them.

Many foreigners within the expat community have strongly recommended using the mrhost site. business travelers and anyone looking for an extended-stay hotel in Taiwan can find a variety of decent hotel deals from them. They express that the process will save you a lot of time and money.

Average prices of hotels

Average prices

It might seem that extended-stay hotels would be more expensive than regular hotels. However, if you travel with your family or have a longer stay, they are usually more cost-effective.

A regular hotel in Taiwan can cost you around NT$ 3000 per night, while an extended-stay hotel costs between NT$ 35,000 and NT$ 85,000+ per month.

What's included in hotels

What’s included

Extended-stay hotels may seem like they require you to book them for several weeks or months. However, what differentiates them from regular hotels is their layout and the amenities they offer, including your price per night.

An extended-stay hotel differs from a normal hotel in a few ways:

  • Fully furnished rooms,
  • Multi-room suites,
  • Built-in kitchens (with utensils and other appliances),
  • Laundry facilities or in-room laundry machines (washer and dryer),
  • Swimming Pools and gym,
  • Outdoor space (patio),
  • Parking,
  • Proximity to public transportation (buses, MRT) and to highways,
  • 24-H counter service.

Better quality services
The typical hotel room does not come with personalized services since guests come and go more frequently. An extended-stay hotel can provide personalized voicemail messages for your room phone, receive mail and packages, and even has laundry facilities.

Better room setup
Extended-stay hotels have a different room setup than normal hotels. Traditional hotel rooms have private bathrooms and are usually large.

The bedroom and living area are mixed together, and you might not have a closet, but only a bar where you can hang your clothes. An extended-stay hotel, however, has separate bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, making it look more like an apartment.

There will probably be a large closet, more freedom in designing your workspace, and a sofa to watch TV on after a long day, giving you the feeling of being at home away from home.

Private kitchen
An extended-stay hotel room usually has a well-equipped kitchen, including a stove, a microwave, a refrigerator, and even a dishwasher.

There is also a cabinet in the room where you can find the necessary utensils to cook.

How long you can stay

How long you can stay at an extended-stay hotel?

Hotels that offer extended stays are useful for a range of reasons, including vacations, business travel, and other life moments in between.

Taiwan requires that you book at least three days in advance, whereas you are usually able to stay as long as you like. Typically, you will see three-day, seven-day, fourteen-day, and thirty-day durations.

Latest quarantine measures

The latest quarantine measures

The Taiwanese government is frequently changing the rules and regulations. To keep on top of what the current policy is, check out the latest quarantine restrictions via these creditable links below:

mrhost FAQ > The mrhost’s latest announcements page.

BOCA website > Government site – Bureau Of Consular Affairs.

mrhost site

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