Affiliate Manager

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Job Description

Affiliate managers are responsible for managing relationships with affiliate partners. You will be working with a variety of different companies, from e-commerce retailers to media outlets, and help them generate revenue by promoting their products or services through third-party websites or platforms.

As an affiliate manager, you may also be tasked with developing new partnerships with potential affiliates. This will also involve creating proposals that outline the benefits of working together, as well as outlining the types of promotions and campaigns that each party can expect to see in the future.

CONTRACT: Full-time


LOCATION: Songshan District

Affiliate Manager Responsibilities:

• Training team members to ensure that they understand company policies and procedures,

• Reviewing sales reports to determine which campaigns are producing results and which ones need to be improved or discontinued,

• Analyzing demographic data and statistics to identify emerging markets and opportunities for new products or services,

• Communicating with clients to answer questions and resolve issues with their accounts,

• Evaluating the performance of affiliate managers by reviewing sales reports, interview notes, and other documentation about their work performance,

• Reviewing content on websites to ensure it is relevant and appropriate for the brand or product being promoted,

• Negotiating contracts with new affiliates or renewing existing agreements with existing partners,

• Creating proposals for new affiliate relationships based on estimated returns on investment (ROI),

• Monitoring affiliate websites for fraudulent activity or policy violations such as spamming or publishing confidential information,

• Overseeing the day-to-day management of affiliate campaigns to ensure maximum ROI is achieved,

• Recruiting and training new affiliates to maximize the quality and quantity of their referral traffic,

• Initiating new campaign ideas, including incentivization and bonuses for the program,

• Developing affiliate marketing strategies that deliver specified sales volumes,

• Analyzing program and campaign activity to identify opportunities for improvement,

• Delivering affiliate marketing reports to advertisers and senior management,

• Ensuring that commissions and invoices are paid in a timely and accurate manner.

Requirements and skills:

• Experience in a similar role, preferably in a fast-growing digital company, start-up environment, or a fintech,

• A proven track record in building and scaling affiliate marketing across multiple countries -3+ years of relevant and demonstrable affiliate experience, across third party or own networks,

• Strong analytical skills and a number-driven mindset -Solid experience working with web tracking & mobile attribution. Strong conceptual understanding of tracking technologies commonly used in affiliate marketing,

• A “getting things done” attitude, an organized and structured method Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.

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