We wanted to share the lovely video renovating work by Tangerine Living

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Hi everyone!

We wanted to share the lovely video work that Ariya Schneider helped us to create while in Taipei, Taiwan.

Highly recommend him to anyone looking to capture their special moments. - This is the first video we have ever made and edited so it's been a fun one.

-> Video Link 🙂

We had a few people ask us why we did this project so this is our story of why we took on this massive challenge of renovating a rotting rental apartment while we lived inside it.

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Tangerine Living or IG @tangerineliving to see our other 2 projects in Taipei

Please share some love and click the like button on Youtube, send it to fam and friends if you think they'd be keen to see this.

It would mean so much to us as we try to grow our social media presence 🙂

Many thanks!

*Video link is shown above in the website link above - for logged-in users.

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