Taipei’s Famous Bent Mailboxes

Taipei’s Famous Bent Mailboxes

Apart from being adorable, the best thing about these bent mailboxes is that the Taiwanese public immediately fell in love with them.

3 Idiots Toast & Curry

Appetizing Indian Vegetarian Food at 3 Idiots Toast and Curry

3 Idiots is a popular Indian restaurant which was established by an Indian owner to promote the vegetarian Indian food scene in Taiwan.

Xianlaoman Lao Man dumplings

Traditional Beijing-style Lao Man Dumplings at Xianlaoman

Xianlaoman is best known for its traditional Lao Man dumplings and Beijing-style dishes that date back to the Qing Dynasty.

Koma Sake Bistro

Enjoy Delicious Food at an Izakaya that Specializes in Sake

Koma Sake Bistro is a sake-themed Izakaya that serves a blend of Taiwanese and Japanese food cultures together while specializing in Sake.

Rosmarine Giardino

The Ideal Romantic Dating Spot in Zhongshan District

When it comes to dating in Taipei, it’s worth knowing a romantic restaurant that serves luxurious but inexpensive food to impress any guest.

Maya Resto Cafe

Fantastic Italian-American Food Choices at Maya Resto Cafe

Maya Resto Cafe is a newly established Italian-American restaurant that we’ve started going to in Taipei when we’re craving Western food.

Ginpu Sumiyaki Shabu

Dine at a Cozy Japanese Izakaya on Zhongshan N. Road

Hidden in an alley of Zhongshan North Road is a beautiful Japanese izakaya restaurant that’s very cozy and spacious.

Chao Chen Brunch

English Friendly Breakfast & Brunch in Taipei

An English-friendly breakfast bar and brunch that serves tasty sandwiches, hamburgers, and dessert paninis in the Zhongshan District.

j,olie Hair Salon & hair wash

Enjoy a Relaxing Japanese Hair Wash in Zhongshan

joli,e is a Japanese hair salon that specializes in giving you a super relaxing and refreshing hair wash experience.

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