Koma Sake Bistro

Enjoy Delicious Food at an Izakaya that Specializes in Sake

Koma Sake Bistro is a sake-themed Izakaya that serves a blend of Taiwanese and Japanese food cultures together while specializing in Sake.

The Ideal Romantic Dating Spot in Zhongshan District

When it comes to dating in Taipei, it’s worth knowing a romantic restaurant that serves luxurious but inexpensive food to impress any guest.

Fantastic Italian-American Food Choices at Maya Resto Cafe

Maya Resto Cafe is a newly established Italian-American restaurant that we’ve started going to in Taipei when we’re craving Western food.

Dine at a Cozy Japanese Izakaya on Zhongshan N. Road

Hidden in an alley of Zhongshan North Road is a beautiful Japanese izakaya restaurant that’s very cozy and spacious.

Chao Chen Brunch

English Friendly Breakfast & Brunch in Taipei

We found an English friendly breakfast bar and brunch that serves tasty sandwiches, hamburgers and dessert paninis in the Zhongshan District.

j,olie Hair Salon & hair wash

Enjoy a Relaxing Japanese Hair Wash in Zhongshan

joli,e is a Japanese hair salon which emphasises on a giving you a super relaxing and refreshing hair wash experience.

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