Ghost Festival

Ghost Month in Taiwan

Ghost Festival (also Hungry Ghost Festival) is a traditional Chinese folk religions festival. For 2019, Taiwan celebrates this festival on August 15th.

The 7th month is regarded in the Chinese calendar as the month when the realms of Heaven and Hell are open and ghosts (or spirits) of the decided people wonder among us. The ghosts are hungry and they want entertainment, that’s why during the whole month, Buddhists and Taoists in China make special practices to give the ghosts what they want and also hold services to release these souls. The culmination of the festival is on the 15th day, when people bring food for the ghosts.

Special activities during the month include burning joss paper. It’s believed, that this paper after burning is used by ghosts, that’s why special banknotes, houses and a papier-mâché form of clothes, gold and other goods are burned.

A special loud entertainment show is also organized for the ghosts at night. It usually includes Chinese opera, dramas and burlesque shows. The shows are very loud, because the sound attracts the ghosts. After the end of the festival people float water lanterns or set them outside of their houses making sure that the ghosts find their way back home.

There are many taboos that have to be remembered during the festival: never stroll at night, don’t swim, don’t move to new house or start a new business, don’t hang clothes outside at night, don’t pick up money found on street, don’t sing and whistle and keep away from walls.


God of Medicine’s Birthday 2019

God of Medicine’s Birthday in Taiwan – April 19, 2019

Since 1994, Baoan Temple, 保安宫, in Taipei has transformed the traditional birthday celebrations of the God of Medicine or Baosheng Dadi, 保生大帝, into an international cultural festival.

Known as the Asia Pacific Baosheng Cultural Festival, a series of public events was spread over two months and overlapping with birthday celebrations of four other deities; Zhu Sheng Niang Niang, Mazu, Heavenly Holy Mother and Emperor Sheng Nong. 注生娘娘, 妈祖,天上圣母,神农. See Baoan Temple celebrates birthday of Zhu sheng Niang Niang.


Earth God’s Birthday 2019

Earth God’s Birthday – March 8, 2019

Tu Di Gong is a local earth god worshipped in Taiwan as derived from traditional Chinese culture.

As popular Chinese deity, he is worshiped by Chinese folk religion worshipers and Taoists. God of Earth Temple in Linjhong Village worshiped the God of Earth. God of Earth Temple is located in the downtown and near the railway. People believed the effects of God. He can bring happiness, get away disasters and have countless merits. In China, every village had a shrine to Tu Di Gong.



Halloween in Taiwan – October 31

Halloween, a popular festival from American culture, is becoming more widespread in Taiwan as many young people are celebrating this chilling and spooky night.

Many people in Taiwan celebrate Halloween, which occurs annually on October 31st. It is the day before All Saints’ Day, and is also sometimes called All Hallows’ Eve and Hallowmas Eve. Costume parties are held and many children go trick-or-treating around this time of the year.


Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony

Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony in Taipei – September 28

Taiwan annually celebrates Confucius Day, also known as Teachers’ Day on September 28. This commemoration is the birthday of Confucius, whom is believed to be the model master educator in ancient China.

The Taipei City Government annually holds the Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony at the Taipei Confucius Temple to celebrate the birthday of the great teacher, Confucius. The temple has followed this ancient ritual for the past eight decades since the Ming Dynasty.

The Confucius Temple is the symbol of Chinese Confucian culture, and the Grand Master’s influence on education is an important part of Chinese culture.

The Confucius Temple in TaipeiConfucius Day Commemoration Ceremony

Source: Travel Taipei

This celebration includes the most well preserved Confucian ceremony, with a national level “Three Consecrations” ritual and the display of music and dance giving a total of 37 elaborate steps, which help showcase the essence of the Confucian spirit. Each year, the ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple attracts thousands of visitors from both Taiwan and abroad. These visitors come to pay their respects to the greatest educator in ancient Chinese history.

Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony

Source: Travel Taipei

Date, Time & Duration

The Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony begins at 6:00am on September 28, and lasts all throughout the day. This is an annual ceremony at the temple.

Admission fee

The admission is free to celebrate this event.


English address: The Confucius Temple in Taipei – No. 275, Dalong Street, Datong District, Taipei City, 103, Taiwan.


Take the red line to the Yuanshan MRT Station. Leave via Exit 2 and proceed north in the direction of Kulun Street, then take a right down Dalong Street until you meet the Confucius Temple entrance. The 500 meter walk should take about 7 minutes.

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