Father’s Day

08/08/2024 @ All Day –

Father’s Day is not a public holiday in Taiwan, but it’s celebrated on August 8th. People often take their father out for dinner, give gifts, or a greeting.

Father's Day
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Father's Day

Taiwan celebrates Father’s Day as an observed holiday on August 8.

People often take their fathers out for dinner, give gifts, or at least call them to give them a greeting.

The reason father’s day is celebrated on August 8 is that the two number eights 八八 (bā bā) phonetically sound like papa 爸爸 (bà bà) in Chinese.

🗓️ Father’s Day is an observed holiday, all schools and businesses should still be running as usual.

What’s events will take place on this day?

Currently, there hasn’t been anything officially announced to happen on Father’s Day in Taiwan for 2024.

Stay tuned as we’ll update the event details when any upcoming events get announced.

In any case, you’re still likely to see families celebrating Father’s Day despite any possible announced Covid-19 regulations. Last year (2021) saw families celebrating this special event safely in parks to avoid crowded places.

Source: Taipei Times

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