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Though Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in Taiwan, recent years have seen a huge surge in popularity for the Western holiday.

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Though Halloween isn’t traditionally celebrated in Taiwan, recent years have seen a huge surge in popularity for the Western holiday.

These days, you can expect to see businesses jumping on the spooky bandwagon and decking out their storefronts in spiders, pumpkins, and sinister imagery.

You can expect to see costume parties held at many schools where children will go trick-or-treating around this time of the year.

🗓️ Halloween is an observed holiday, all schools and businesses should still be running as usual. However, there may be events and celebrational activities organized by various schools across Taiwan.

Where To Shop For Halloween in Taipei?

Halloween stores pop up all over Taipei in the month of October, but the highest concentration of Halloween shopping in the city is found just north of Taipei Main Station. Along the stretch of Chang’an West Road (長安西路) between Chongqing North Road (重慶北路) and Chengde Road (承德路) — see map below — you’ll find around a dozen Halloween costume and decoration shops.

Most of the stores are pretty similar and cater to kids, for which there are plenty of options. The adult costumes are somewhat limited in scope, but they have all of the basics covered and sell plenty of accessories like wigs, face paint, props, etc. The shops also have a decent selection of decorations to really get in the Halloween spirit.

Halloween activities to expect in Taiwan

The Shilin International Cultural Festival & Halloween Parade is expected to run o this day – however, for 2022, the time is yet to be announced.

Tianmu will also be hosting its 10th annual Halloween Celebration spanning. Businesses will put up pumpkin lanterns to indicate if they are participating in the Trick or Treating. Zhongcheng Road will be closed to traffic, so don’t try to drive!

For more event information, you can check out their websites: tianmu.org and travel.taipei/en

* You may need to use a browser that translates them into English

The Taiwan News created a list of last year’s (2021) top 10 Halloween events across Taiwan for goblins and gargoyles who want to get their ghoul on.

Currently, there hasn’t been anything officially announced to happen on Halloween in Taiwan for 2022.

Stay tuned as we’ll update the event details when any upcoming events get announced.

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