Into the Earth Body Retreat

11/19/2022 @ 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM –

Into the Earth-Body retreat invites you for a day of deep relaxation, healing, and nourishment of body and soul.

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9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

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Into the Earth-Body retreat invites you for a day of deep relaxation, healing, and nourishment of body and soul.

We start the day by drinking beautiful Taiwanese tea with Kung-Fu Master Chang at Gongnangong Temple above Fulong Bay. The tea helps to clear our minds and settle in for the day.

80-year-old Master Chang will share some simple breath & movement practices with us, that help to move the ‘Chi’ in the body, unlock energetic blocks and expel ‘bad Chi’.

Paired with Master Chang’s gentle and joyful nature, this will be a great, gentle and slow way to fully arrive in our bodies in the here and now. To open, breathe, let go and relax deeply, so we may fully receive the beautiful healing energies of Mother Earth and all Her sacred elements waiting to nourish us.

We then slowly and mindfully ascend the stairs to the Purple Cloud Cave Temple, deep breathing and connecting with Nature along the way.

A delicious, plant-based, soul-food lunch awaits us at the Purple Cloud Cave Temple and invites us to nurture our cells while basking in the pristine views of the sky, the Keelung mountain range, the river, the ocean, and the sandy beach.

The Purple Cloud Temple is dedicated to Guan Yin, the Boddhisattva of Compassion, and feels like her living room. There is fresh mountain spring water that flows directly into the temple and a mountain cave to meditate in.

The energies present are deeply nurturing and healing, helping the cells and the being to renew and rebirth into a healthier state.

We will lay down on yoga mats with cushions and be guided into a deeply relaxed, meditative state where we are open to simply be and receiving the healing energies with song and sound.

Bathing in this ocean of love, the cells and whole being are deeply nurtured and supported to self-heal and self-regenerate. We allow and rest and might even fall asleep until we are gently waking up renewed, breathing and moving the body to integrate what has been received.

There is time and space to simply be, enjoy the view, sip a cup of tea or coffee, meditate in the cave, journal, ask questions or allow the body to move a bit more, whatever is needed and feels good in the moment.

We complete the day with a sharing of gratitude and anything we feel we want to share, only if we want to, before packing up and slowly, mindfully descending the stairs back to Gongnangong, where the minibus back to Taipei awaits.

Price: NT$ 3,700


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