Jazzing; Jamming, featuring Andrew Page; Julian Wittich @ UNI Space

07/02/2021 @ 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM –

Join pianist and educator Andrew Page (USA) as he explains how to achieve and practice a natural sounding jazz feel at your instrument.

Jazzing Jamming
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UNI Space 有意思藝文空間
No.13, Ln. 135, Sec. 1, Anhe Rd. Daan District
Taipei City

Date & Time
Date(s) - 07/02/2021
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Event Details

Jazzing & Jamming 爵士鋼琴講座 & Open Duo
Open Duo 開放給所有樂器一同上台演奏。」

Join pianist and educator Andrew Page 葉祖安 (USA) as he explains how to achieve and practice a natural sounding jazz feel at your instrument.
✔️ How most major styles of music are felt rhythmically
✔️ How the beat is sub-divided for each style of music.
✔️ How to achieve a good feeling “swing” when improvising or playing a jazz melody.
✔️ How to practice a good swing feel at home

Andrew Page 葉祖安
Andrew “Duke” Page made his New York Debut at Alice Tully Hall in 2006 performing Chopin. Since then, he has embarked on a performing career centered in Asia. He earned his Masters in Classical Piano Performance from Queens College NYC (2007) and his Bachelors in Jazz Studies from the University of North Texas. (2005)
Since 2013 He has been a part of the Taiwan and China Mando-Pop where he first began as a song writer. Since then he has done various work for major labels as an arranger, session musician and producer.
2018 saw a return to the USA where Duke recorded and co-produced a new album for Joanna Wang 王若琳for which he was nominated as the best producer 2019 Golden Melody Awards.
For more detailed information visit www.yeahrecords.com

【Andrew Page Open Duo(二重奏)】
Then members of the audience are invited to bring their instruments and begin playing well known jazz songs with Andrew and bassist Julian Wittich.
Andrew will offer constructive feedback on:
✔️ How to play a great solo
✔️ How to play the melody correctly,
✔️ How to interact well in the band
✔️ How to finish the song well.

Piano|Andrew Page
Bass|Julian Wittich
Julian Wittich (紀安) (b. 1999) is a jazz bassist and composer based in both Amsterdam and Taipei. Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Wittich began his musical studies with the violin at 7 years old. He soon discovered his appetite for various styles of music, teaching himself to play the electric bass at age 13 and eventually the double bass at age 17. Currently studying at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with some of Europe’s most in demand jazz bassists, like Clemens van der Feen and John Clayton. Since coming back to Taiwan in March 2020, he has been making a name for himself in Taiwan’s jazz scene, and has also been working with established pop artists in Asia, including JJ Lin and 9m88.
Julian Wittich (紀安) (1999) 是一位爵士貝斯手和作曲家,目前居住在阿姆斯特丹。出生於台北的 Wittich 7歲就開始拉小提琴進行音樂學系。他很快就發現了自己對各種音樂風格的興趣,自學成才在13歲時開始學電貝斯,然後17歲時開始學低音大提琴(double bass)。
他目前在阿姆斯特丹音樂學院讀書,跟歐洲一些著名的爵士貝斯手學習,例如 Clemens van der Feen 和 John Clayton。
他最近回來台灣也跟亞洲一些著名的藝人(林俊傑、9m88) 一起合作。
For more information, please visit Wittich’s website at julianwittich.com


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