Pulsation Breathwork 2-Day Xmas Workshop

12/24/2022 – 12/25/2022 @ 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM –

The two areas where conditioning is most harmful are emotions and sexuality. It is here that the deepest damage occurs. “Don’t laugh… Don’t cry… Don’t be angry… Don’t be sad…”

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Pulsation Breathwork 2-Day Xmas Workshop


12/24/2022 - 12/25/2022    
10:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Houlong Township
24°34'39.6"N 120°46'43.8"E, Miaoli County (Ride-share taxi service from Miaoli HSR upon request)

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Why do we use Osho Pulsation to release stress?

The two areas where conditioning is most harmful are emotions and sexuality. It is here that the deepest damage occurs. “Don’t laugh… Don’t cry… Don’t be angry… Don’t be sad…”

Most of us can remember occasions when, while growing up, our emotions were choked back, when we had to swallow our tears, our rage, when we had to hike our feelings and pretend to be something we were not. We were told to smile when we wanted to shout and scream. We were told to make polite conversation when we wanted to weep. All this had a direct and powerfully negative impact on our energy, crippling its expression.

In the same way, sex energy was repressed, driven down into the dark, hidden from public view, as if it did not exist: “Don’t touch yourself there… Don’t have sexual thoughts… Sex is dirty… Don’t masturbate or you’ll go blind… ” This, too, impacted our energy, strangling it at the very source.

It may be argued that this kind of training and conditioning is as necessary as the other forms I have described. Indeed, many people are convinced this is so, arguing that the natural, animal impulses of the child have to be strictly tamed and channeled into civilized behavior. But the truth is that the cure is worse than the imagined disease, the solution more damaging than the problem.

It was Sigmund Freud and one of his brightest disciples, Wilhelm Reich, who discovered that sexual repression lies at the root of psychological neurosis. And it was Reich who went on to discover that the deadness and stiffness from which all adults suffer is caused directly by sexual and emotional repression.

I agree absolutely with Reich. My own personal experience in working with thousands of people makes it irrefutable. By stuffing down the energy that seeks expression through sex and feelings, especially when young, we are effectively killing ourselves and incapable of enjoying life.

In the 2-Day workshop, we will discuss a different self-exploration topic, and combine physical and mental health together with corresponding breathing exercises, body movements, sound, emotional expression activities, and meditation techniques to support connection to our vitality and spontaneous expression.

*There will be a celebrative Christmas Eve Dinner


10:00 Arrival

10:30 Introduction & opening circle

11:00 Warm up & connective breathing

12:00 Lunch Time

13:30 Group Sharing

13:40 How to loosen “Muscular Armor?”

14:00 Spine & pelvis breathing

15:30 Tea Break

15:50 Group Sharing

16:00 Kicking Series

17:30 Tea Break

17:45 Osho Kundalini Meditation

18:45 Dinner Time

20:15 Evening Meditation


06:30 Osho Dynamic Meditation

07:30 Breakfast Time

09:00 Mandala Meditation

10:00 Tea Break

10:20 Loosening of an Eye segment

10:40 Eye-Release Exercise

12:00 Lunch Time

13:30 Reich’s map of body segments

14:00 Heart Meditation

15:00 Final Circle

15:30 Tea Break

16:00 Departure

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