Taiwan National Day

10/10/2022 @ All Day –

Taiwan National Day, (also known as Taiwan’s Birthday, and double ten-day) is celebrated on October 10 as the birthday of the ROC.

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Taiwan National Day

Taiwan National Day, (also known as Taiwan’s Birthday and double ten-day) is celebrated on October 10 as the birthday of the ROC.

Every year on October 10, Taiwan celebrates its national day, marking the establishment of the Republic of China and commemorating the beginning of the Wuchang Uprising which resulted in the end of the Qing Dynasty.

The day is known as double ten-day due to it falling on October 10 each year, making it National Day.

About the Taiwan National Day

It can be argued that Taiwan National Day is officially Taiwan’s birthday, making it -As of 2022 – 111 years old. You can find what the Taiwan year is using the Minguo Calendar.

Officially, it commemorates October 10, 1911, which was the start of an event called the Wuchang Uprising in China. This uprising led to the Xinhai Revolution which brought about the fall of the Qing (Ching) Dynasty, the end of the Chinese dynasties, and the founding of the Republic of China in 1912.

🗓️ Taiwan National Day is a public holiday, making it a day off for schools and most businesses in order for people to hold celebrations and ceremonies around Taiwan.

What events are likely to take place?

– Every year, there are flag-raising ceremonies around Taiwan, however, some city mayors across Taiwan may decide to hold these national ceremonies virtually (online) depending on the Covid-19 pandemic situation around the time.

– The day usually begins with a speech given by the president of Taiwan at the Presidential Office.

This is then followed by a performance by the National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra at Taipei 101.

– A series of performances by a military honor guard and marching band, street dancers, gymnasts, and athletes typically take place in front of the Presidential Office.

– The formal ceremony is expected to begin later on in the morning with the singing of Taiwan’s national anthem.

– Last year (of 2021), CH-47 Chinook helicopters carried 18-meter wide and 12-meter long Republic of China flags – the largest ever used at the event – as they flew over the Presidential Office building.

Sources: english.president.gov.twTaiwan News

Whatever you choose to do, and wherever in Taiwan, take the time to appreciate and celebrate the diverse cultural history and identity, burgeoning democracy, outstanding people, and all the other things that make Taiwan an exceptional country.

Happy National Taiwan Day!

Currently, the government hasn’t officially announced anything to happen on Taiwan National Day for 2022.

Stay tuned as we’ll update the event details when any upcoming events get announced.

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