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The Taipei Expat Community The Taipei Expat Community

The Taipei Expat Community

The Taipei Expat Community is a platform for local expatriates to discuss and offer help to each other in all aspects of expat life in the Taiwanese capital.

Whether you are looking for advice from other members experiences, or network with other like-minded expats, the friendly and helpful Taipei Community is always just a click away.

The typhoon report data is sourced from the Central Weather Bureau. The data includes carefully read forecasts that accurately determine the direction and strength of every typhoon in real-time. We provide a government-distributed warning service to the public and our subscribers of severe and hazardous weather. Our warnings & alert services aim to help and protect the public from fast acting hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life and widespread disruption. Earthquake Safety Advice Providing expats with helpful information to be prepared, survive and recover quickly if and when an earthquake happens. Our comprehensive reports record the seismicity in the northern area of Taiwan with real-time government alerts and announcements. Earthquake report data is sourced from the Central Weather Bureau. The data includes specific areas of intensity and magnitude.

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The Upcoming Events & Festivals Calendar

Upcoming Events & Festivals in Taipei

Explore the many things that are happening today, along with the upcoming events & festivals in Taiwan from the Taipei event calendar.

The event calendar professionally displays a full range of events and activities, such as the Dragon Boat festival to local family-friendly Taipei events.

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