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      Jim Embry

      An American national, name John Hopkins, age 35 was detained by airport customs believed to be carrying a controlled substance. According to an airport source who requested to remain anonymous, Hopkins was pulled aside after routine check at the customs checkpoint promoted officials to request assistance of the K9 unit who then flagged the piece of luggage Hopkins admitted to traveling with. A thorough search of the bag revealed packets of a substance which later tested positive as heroin. Airport security then proceed to detain Hopkins for questioning and will be handed over to the the authorities. (Taken from original story below)

      名名叫约翰·霍普金斯(John Hopkins)的美国国民,年龄35岁,被机场海关拘留,据信该飞机携带管制物质。 据一位要求保持匿名的机场消息人士称,霍普金斯在海关检查站升格为官员进行例行检查后被要求撤离,并要求K9部队提供协助,然后对这架随身携带的霍普金斯行李进行标记。 彻底搜索袋子后发现一包物质,后来被检测为海洛因呈阳性。 然后,机场安全部门继续拘留霍普金斯进行讯问,并将移交给当局。

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      kristian Yngve

      do you have the news source for this? I couldn’t even find anything on Google about it. I think Taiwan are super serious as China are when it comes illgal drugs.

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        Robert Webster

        This kind of thing happens all over Asia as well as allover the world daily. Seems like he only has himself to blame for doing such a silly thing.

        Taiwan like many Asian countries carries out the death penalty for drug trafficking so hope he gets good representation for his own sake. – You’d think at 35 years of age that he’d be smarter than that.

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