Your Taipei Community & Guide Forums Groups & Activities Activities & Discussions Are there any groups I can join for activities, network and meet new people?

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      Waqas SaFi

      Hi there,

      I’m wondering where I can go to find groups and activities where I can meet new people with shared interests.

      My Chinese isn’t that good so English speaking preferred.

      Thank you!

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      Karly Kleman
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      By the way, the leit-x-outdoor-activities is really good. The group leader, Ada, is awesome.

      I’ve had many amazing adventures with the group, and made some awesome memories and friends.

      they’re not just about hiking small to moderate trails either. The last event I attended was this last xmas just gone where we did a secret Santa (share 2 gifts – one useful but 2nd hand, and one new – max budget $200nt)

      the event also included bringing your on pets, so I their were many parrots, cute dogs, fluffy cats and even a turtle!

      – I hope to venture with the again on some other randomly cool activity / adventure soon. 🙂

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      Waqas SaFi

      Thanks guys! I’ll be checking them all out! 🙂 

      It’s cool we have an awesome community of groups in Taipei <3

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