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      Jenn Chien

      My family just moved to Taipei. We have 2 autistic toddlers. Does anyone know of any good resources for families like ours? Or have any info on preschools or daycares that accept autistic students?

      Thank you in advance for your time,

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      Heide Eskesen

      Hi Jenn,

      Sadly, as far as my experience goes, there’s virtually not a lot of resources/ or even theorpy for autistic kids in Taipei (or for Taiwan for that matter).

      However, my local friends did manage to help me get hold of some groups / communities online which where a lot of help for parents, however they’re mainly in Chinese – not sure you can read it or not:

      FB groups such as these:

      As far as English groups, there is this one but it’s not exactly Taiwan based:

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        Jenn Chien

        Thank you for these resources! While I’ve found one occupational therapist group, Kick Start, I’ve been noticing the lack of any ABA, Floortime, etc options. I appreciate your help!

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      Ben Stones

      There are a lot more resources out there in english actually.

      The Anglo Info Taiwan site is pretty good:


      It led my family to valuable resources such as the Ministry of Education:


      Anyway, @Jenn-Chien , I hope these links guide you to better help and resources you need. 🙂

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      Tom Bakers

      In my many past years of teaching experience at various private preschools, no child with autism would ever be refused, just personally accommodated for within the classroom.

      A few of my students in the past where somewhat on the spectrum, and they were treat fairly well and given personal care on tasks and activities when needed it.

      Sure, the school wanted as many students as they had capacity for each class of course, but the care and consideration for each child with any particular needs was definitely there…

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        Jenn Chien

        Thanks for sharing your experience, Tom! Currently on the preschool hunt.

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      Ben Stones

      Just noticed this listing that came up in the classifieds – I haven’t taken a closer look at it yet, but it might be exactly what you’re looking for @Jenn-Chien :

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        Jenn Chien

        Thanks for the info and the listing, Ben! Much appreciated

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