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      Ben Stones

      Any one here investing in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency here? What are you investing in and what’s the portion you allocate your money?

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      Tom Bakers

      I get the attraction with the daily interests, but I think it’s like gambling, very volatile. When I looked into it, it felt very ‘salesy’. Buy some get some free, recommend friends to buy and we’ll throw in some coins for free for you…

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      Ben Stones

      Yeah, unofficial and very risky, but I can its popularity growing and investors making some serious money with what little they have invested vs what they’ve made.

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      Elwood Mathy

      Yes!!! Get on it or you’ll miss this gravy train as most did with Bitcoin. it’s still not too late with the other emerging crypto coins. Currently, I’m mining ethereum and investing it in Bitcoin.

      Check out this group on FB:

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      Ben Stones

      Thanks for all the info guys. 🙂 Haha, yeah I can see that Bitcoin has supassed $7000!!!

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