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      Shane Griffee

      In the summer in Taipei, my 2 room place is kept cool by this old second hand air conditioner my school gave me for free. It makes the air feel cold, clammy and unnatural, and I think it wastes a lot of electricity. My electric bill during the summer is always over NT$3000.

      I’m thinking of getting a dehumidifier instead of getting a new AC. It’s the humidity I hate, not the heat. It’s not cheap, but it seems to me a good dehumidifier would pay for itself when I wasn’t running the old rickety machine very often. Can anybody who has used both and has done more Taiwanese summers than me help me out?

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      Robert Webster

      To be honest, if I had to go with one or the other, cost aside, I’d choose the AC because it cools and sucks some of the humidity out of the air (if it’s a half-decent machine). While it does use a lot of electricity, you can at least turn it off when you’re not there.

      My family all got sick of the dehumidifier after a while because 1) you need to run it most of the time; 2) it’s good for only one room, and you need to keep that room pretty well sealed off or the humidity creeps back in; 3) following from number 2, it doesn’t do much good to run the humidifier with the windows open, so it’s just too unbearbly hot in the summer to use the dehumidify on its own; and 4) you have to empty the damn thing too often.

      I used the dehumidifier more in the winter.

      Hope this helps

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