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    Derek Wertheim


    I am hosting an event and I am just looking on how to create it on the site.

    I’m struggling a little bit as I see all the other events in the calendar that are happening in Taipei, but when I go to add my own, it doesn’t appear in the calendar – even after approval.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Many thanks,

    Derek W

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    Taipei Expats Support

    Hi Derek,

    Firstly, your own events will be seen on your own community calendar that the local expat community can be invited to, or join. It’s in your My Events tab within your profile menu, not the official Taipei Event calendar.

    [To get there] If you’re at the the Upcoming Events In Taipei (, then you should see the button below the calendar: Create a Taipei event

    You can directly go to these page options from your profile menu: EXPAT SERVICES, Upcoming Events in Taipei – see the popup menu on the right for Create Event

    [For more help] There’s more info on creating your own Taipei events at this support link:

    Any other questions, please let me know,

    Taipei Expats Support

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