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      Tom Bakers

      Guys, I had this idea that it would be neat if someone set up some purely dedicated Taipei groups. Keeping it tight-knit and high quality members which would benefit us all.

      Looking forward to hearing from you all.

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      Elwood Mathy

      Where are these groups, and how do I join?

      What’s the idea of the group? For example; A hiking group expats to join and discuss the next hike.

      Or is there more than one topic inside each group?

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        Nina Luo

        If you are interested, you can join my outdoor activities in Taipei and exchange languages (Mandarin (Chinese)/English) 😊

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      Nina Luo

      Hello, I’m Nina who lives in Taipei.
      I‘m looking for a sincere and friendly partner who also likes language exchange ​​(Mandarin/English) and outdoor activities (ex: hiking, cycling, jogging, etc.)
      If you are that person (Regardless of your country, gender or religion) I’m willing to guide you to Taipei and even other places in Taiwan. Let us exchange languages together during outdoor activities.
      My daily English is not bad, so communication basically may not too difficult. (But grammar can’t guarantee) 😆

      P.S. If you are traveling or working in Taipei and are interested in language exchange, please send me a message or join the LINE group:

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      Nina Luo


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      Adrian Rainbow

      Hi Nina!

      That sounds amazing! I’ll join your LINE group for sure 🙂

      So you guys are a group of friends that like to do all sorts of these outside activities together around the north of Taiwan?

      – I’ll join now but super busy in these weeks wit work. but when things calm down, sure – I;ll join you guys, if that’s ok? 🙂

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