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      Hi community,

      May I ask, how much can I earn as an English Teacher in Taiwan?

      I’ve heard it’s a lot, but how does that fair in terms in making savings?

      I’ve heard mixed stories of yes and now, obviously nothing too clear.

      Thanks for your time.

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      Daniel Roberts

      Teaching pay in Taiwan is often considered high, around $700- $1,000/month depending on your spending habits.

      I worked full-time at a kindergarten and cram school teaching English in Taipei. I made roughly $2200 per month working 25 teaching hours per week. I spent about 5 hours of prepping of those hours, so it came out to roughly 30ish hours per week of total work. Rent was pretty much $300 per month and I spent around $1000 per month on going out, traveling, nice dinners, public transport, cell phone, and other miscellaneous bills. So at the end of the month, I was saving around $800-$900. – I definitely could have saved much more.

      All my $$$ is in USD by the way.

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      Thanks man, that’s a decent answer, thanks for expressing it.

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      Lauren Buckner

      As for teaching in Taipei, teachers in public schools can expect to make a salary in the range of NT 60,000-70,000 (around $2,000-2,400 USD) per month.

      Public school jobs in typically offer performance bonuses upon contract completion; contracts can range from 6-12 months as well.

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      Lauren Buckner

      Oh, and teaching salaries for private schools are a bit less. The range you can expect is something like NT 40,000-62,000 (approximately $1,400-2,100 USD) per month.

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