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      Derek Wertheim

      Hello I’m Derek and I am 21, I will be moving to Taiwan within a couple months and I would like to stay for 2 years.

      I have been reading how to do so but I am confused on something, I’ve read that I need an ARC and I saw that I must be either a student or a worker. I am self employed and I do not go to school, is it still possible for me to stay for 2 years Taiwan? If so please tell me how.

      Thank you

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      Angela Chen

      Hi, I’m Angela, and I’m from Taiwan.

      Would it be okay if you let me know what you want to do in Taiwan and what’s your plan ? For example, you will teach English here or something else ? I think it would give me a better idea on how to help you.

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      Hello Derek,

      before applying ARC, you need a valid visa then you may transfer to ARC.
      The faster way to get a long–term visa is to study Chinese here first,
      and later on you may try to apply resident visa and ARC…etc.

      Yet, if you aren’t considering studying. you can try these two :
      Entrepreneur & Visitor visa for Employment-Seeking Purpose


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      Derek Wertheim

      I will be building my online businesses and networking around Asia. As I said, I am an Entrepreneur so I wont be working for someone else or going to school. Essentially I want to make Taiwan my new home, I am really not into going to school as I believe in self education and home schooling.

      I’m also a little concerned about my age, will I be able to get an apartment, motorcycle license, and other things I need.

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      Yutaka Matsumura

      You need an capital investment of 500,000 NTD to start your company in Taiwan, which get you a visa for at least 18 months with a ceiling of 36 months. then, you need a 3 million annual revenue to extend the visa. if you plan to stay in Taiwan only for 2 years, you may not need the extension and you can still keep the company.

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      Derek Wertheim

      @Yutaka, Thank you so much for the insightful information. I’ll be setting this up now as me and my partners are ready.

      I’ll keep you and others posted here to share my findings and experiences. 🙂

      Thanks again!

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