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      Isla H


      I’ve recently moved to Taipei as an international student and I was wondering how getting prescription medicine worked. In Hong Kong there’s a shop called Fanda which sometimes has prescription meds over the counter and I was wondering if there was an equivalent of that here in Taipei? If not, does anyone know if a pharmacy would take a prescription written by my Dr back home in the US or if I would have to get one written by a Dr here in TW?

      Thank you!!

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      Daniel Roberts

      Hi Isla, I just noticed your post.

      My experiences have been pretty weak in this area but I can relate.

      I suffered from insomnia for a period of time, and usually – we;;, as in my case, the doctor either gives your them after chatting to the doctor.

      But there has been occasions whee the doctor would give you a prescription, and you’d simply need to take it to any pharmacist for the prescribed meds.

      As I had a lot of stress back then, I went back to the same doctor, and they gave me a repeat prescription where I didn’t even need to see the doctor – I just got another months worth of meds.

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      kristian Yngve

      @danielr , she’s talking about a prescription issued from her doctor in HK, not TW.

      , this is a tricky one. Tbh, being here for so many years and having experience with doctors, prescribed meds and things… my way about this would be to try at any pharamasist with that prescription paper, but not to have any high hopes…

      It could be a case where you’d have to explain it again to a TW doctor here – explaining your back story and condition and prescription given to you in HK.

      Im pretty confident that they’ll just prescribe you the very same thing – but coming from them. They have to see a lot of pateincts – so it wont be a drawn out conversation – they just wanna satisfy you, and then see you out for the next patient.

      However, at least it’ll be a one-off appointment with a DR that speaks English (they pretty much all do), then you’ll get the TW equivalent prescription you’d want to get what you need at any pharmasist or at the clinic itself.

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