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      Chris Smith


      I am trying to figure out if it’s possible for me to get a job in Taiwan teaching/tutoring English, or maybe anything really. Are there any that would accept someone with only a TEFL certificate? I don’t have a bachelor’s degree.

      Thank you!

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      Laura Gamble

      A work permit requires a BA or a combination of an Associate’s Degree and TEFL. That said, I have not personally seen any jobs listed that didn’t ask for a BA as a requirement.

      Perhaps try looking outside of the major cities like Taipei. You also may want to check with the Taiwan Ministry of Education. Apparently some TEFL programs may not be acceptable by their standards. It’s unclear how they qualify them exactly so it is best to contact them directly.

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      Brian Richards

      It’s possible for you to get a teaching job here, if you want to keep looking over your shoulder, getting screwed over by shady employers who know you have no legal recourse, drop money on regular visa runs, and want to risk paying fines before getting deported.

      However, if you mean can you get a job teaching English legally with no degree, then the answer is no.

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      Daniel Roberts

      Brian, yes, but a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is a requirement to receive Taiwanese Visa/ARC.

      If you’re married to a Taiwanese national and have an ARC, then you can teach English with no more than a CELTA certificate – but I wouldn’t expect the pay to be more than $450 NTD per hour to be honest…

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      Brian Richards

      Hahah true, but I don’t think that applies here. Well, it could be a future option! ;-D

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      Chris Smith

      Thanks for your input, guys.

      So after doing some research – I come up with this:

      I found that the answer is yes, not only can I teach with just a TEFL certificate but I can also teach without a degree and teaching experience.

      I will be allowed to teach English abroad and online to ESL students in most countries (it doesn’t specifically mention Taiwan).


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      Eric Jackson

      Wait! are you saying there’s tutoring agencies that could hire someone without a Bachelor’s?
      Or even a job as a cleaner?

      Literally just looking for any kind of basic job where I don’t need much Mandarin. 🙈😅

      I definitely don’t want to be doing anything illegal, so those comments are not helpful. Just looking for some straight up answers/solutions.

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      Heide Eskesen

      Schools such as cram schools require a BA. The public schools actually require a full teaching license from one’s country of origin.

      Honestly, I would take teaching off your list. I’m not saying that with any intention other than being helpful.

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