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      Tom Bakers

      Isn’t this racism?
      獎勵方式及辦法:獎項得主限中華民國國籍者, 得獎時請檢示中華民國國民身分證. 無攜帶者不可領取, 視同失格. 亦不可事後領取 (限活動當天親自領取)!
      This is about tomorrow’s half marathon. I’ve never seen like this in US marathons. Excluding foreigners from awards!? Is there anything I can do about this?


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      Brian Richards

      Taiwan is full of this kinda stuff, but it sounds more like nationalism than racism. Either way, not cool.

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      Ken Ling

      You need to show a TW ID? Or just look like you’re Taiwanese?

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      Tom Bakers

      獎項得主限中華民國國籍者, I think this means Taiwanese only. So my ARC does not work.

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