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    Jack Willson

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve recently moved to Taiwan to study Taiwan’s history at the National Taipei University. I know some basic Chinese but was wondering if anyone had any tips on learning the language? I know enough to get by but i’d like to do much better than just get by!

    Thanks in advance! 🙂


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    Lauren Buckner

    Hi there Jack,

    There are many good ways, so here’s a couple:

    Language exchange, meet up with someone who wishes to practice their English for the first hour, and let the second hour be in Chinese. If your Chinese is just beginner, then it’ll be better to just be an english lesson gauged at the stage you’re at.

    Language courses, in university or smaller schools around the city. Universities offer full time courses, but if you have daily stuff going on like being a student on another course of job, then most offer part-time courses.

    I hope those help guide you. If anything, since you’ve just arrived here, use the initial months to immerse yourself! 🙂

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    Derek Wertheim

    Don’t forget about the apps! there are two good ones:

    1. ChineseSkill:

    2. HelloChinese:

    I use these two but mostly HelloChinese.

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    Bennet Stones

    I really find language exchange partners and groups quite useful. Have you tried doing that?

    There are many ways to get an exchange partner or join a group.

    I found a language partner in the classifieds, in the Languages category:

    but you can also find them on Facebook, such as searching for
    Looking for Tutors or Language Exchange in Taipei and Taiwan in the groups section.

    There is also the TEALIT website which is more specialised for individual language partners that you can agree to meet once a week so to practice speaking Chinese for half an hour, then switch to English for another half hour.

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    Laura Gamble

    The issue with language exchange is that it’s not really for beginners.

    In my experience, and many others I have spoken with, it’s not that efficient unless you are already conversational. You’ll end up speaking mostly English, and learning small parts which you would have to take away with you until the next time.

    I suggest beginners should at least start an official course first before language exchange.

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