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      Sarah Bell

      Where do I go to find my phone if I left it in a taxi? 🙁

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      Eric Jeffs

      Oh no! I’m sorry to hear this 🙁 well, If you are in Taipei, you can call the city government hotline on 1999 for help with issues with taxis, or if you know which company try to call them direct. Based on experience, the driver will hold it for a few days and then turn it in to police who will try to figure out who owns it.

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      Andy Howell

      If you left something in the taxi, you can find it back through PBS. They even reward the strangers who finds more than NT$50,000 but never keeps for his own. Here’s a site with more info about that:

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      Adrian Rainbow

      Sarah, did you ever manage to get your phone back in the end?

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      Derek Wertheim

      Go to police station. Get the officer to call your phone or locate the location.

      Most drivers will drop lost phones at Police Radio station on Guangzhou St. That is assuming it is not the next passenger who took it.

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      Brian Richards

      Taiwan is pretty safe & friendly with very low crime rates. There’s a super high chance of getting your phone back. 🙂

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