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      Ben Stones

      Would anyone know; Are there any areas around taipei / northeast taiwan that are relatively dry / less rainy than elsewhere?

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      Lauren Buckner

      It’s dry in Taoyuan now. I think that area of the north of Taiwan gets less rain compared to the surrounding areas.

    • #1087
      Ben Stones

      I’m not interested in the northwest, need proximity to surf! 😉

    • #1088
      Elwood Mathy

      Hahha, what? If it’s for surfing then why worry about the rain? You’re going to get wet anyway…..! :p

    • #1089
      Ben Stones

      I’m looking for a *relatively* dry living environment. I know it rains a lot, but I’m wondering if there is a less rainy micro-climate somewhere up there.

      Sorry for the confusion! 😀

    • #1090
      Lauren Buckner

      I’m pretty certain that Northeastern Taiwan is the rainiest part of the island.

    • #1091
      Ben Stones

      That’s what I thought, thanks.

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