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    Daniel Roberts

    Hey all,

    I currently live in Taipei, and wondering if there’s a chance I can join a local soccer team that regularly get together to play? Ideally a team of expatriates or English speakers that practice and play against other local teams (local, as in Taipei and or other cities across the country).

    I’ve been playing for about 6 years and would like to get involved in that sort of thing in Taiwan. If you know of or are part of a group / team, please let me hear from you!



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    Katie Smiths

    Hi Daniel,

    I only know of this one in Taipei:

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    Daniel Roberts

    Thanks, Katie, I’ll take a look.

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    Chad Day

    Hey Daniel,

    If you are more interested in a pub team that has a home pub you should check out the Ontap Badgers team. If you go into Ontap after 6pm ask for Jason, and tell him Chad sent you he will fill you in with more details about upcoming games.

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    Daniel Roberts

    Thanks Chad and Katie!

    And sorry for the ‘slight’ lateness of gratitude! haha

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