Taipei Expats Forums Employment & Workplace Labor Pensions Teachers that hold an APRC, are you receiving a labor pension by your employer?

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    Daniel Roberts

    In light of Taiwan passing the new law to attract more foreign professionals, we are now eligible for inclusion in Taiwan’s labor pension system, and upon retirement, have the option of either a lump-sum payment or a monthly pension.

    As far as I’m aware, most, if not all teachers, currently don’t receive anything.

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    Chris Smith

    That’s the thing, are buxiban teachers regarded as white-collar workers?

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    Brian Richards

    I guess they technically should be, but I doubt this is what the government is trying to encourage. There are plenty of buxiban teachers and some aren’t exactly qualified teachers.

    They are probably looking to attract people from other professions. But unless decent salaries are offered they won’t attract people from the types of professions they want.

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    Laura Gamble

    I know some teachers get it, and some don’t. – I’m not sure if it’s a ‘don’t ask – don’t get basis’, but also perhaps down to the discretion of the schools?

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