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      Andy Howell

      Everyone, just a heads-up if you’ve registered for the E-gate immigration route: When arriving into Taiyuan International Airport in Taiwan (not sure about the others actually), and you’ve renewed your ARC or passport, you would need to re-register all over again, (another photo taken and your eyes and fingerprints scanned again for it to work.

      Anyone actually use the E-gate immigration route rather than waiting longer in the queue for the conventional method? I think even so, it’s still a lot more convenient, right?

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      Chad Day

      Ya I use that, it’s awesome! I just smile and wave at all the suckers that don’t use it!

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      Adrian Rainbow

      Hahah, same!

      I was encouraged to use it last year, but I later changed my address, and therefore, my ARC, too). This meant that I had to reregister all over again for the e-gate.

      Even so, reregistering and going through it was still much faster than everyone else and the conventional route!

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      Lauren Buckner

      I’ve heard from recent news, (I think the Taipei Times), that they want new users to pay for registering to use the e-gates? Something about needing the funds to run them not that more and more people are using them.

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      Ben Stones

      It’s not the only thing they’re saying about them:

      Apparently, officials bought biometric equipment from China for use in the e-Gates in the nation’s three major airports.

      I wonder who has your details now…

      News Source:


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