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      Mitch Viray

      Hi all,

      I was wondering if there are any university programs given in English?
 This as a possible alternative to keeping me busy next to following a
language course?

      I was wondering if somebody had some more recent experiences


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      Brian Richards

      The only program that is almost exclusively in English is the Taiwan International Graduate Program of Academia Sinica. It’s a great program with a nice stipend, but you must be willing to commit to a Masters or a PhD degree (3 to 5 years I would say).

      More information here:

      and also for 2022:

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      Aaron Macalister

      Look up Ming Chuan University. They offer some programs in English. Though the number of majors is fairly limited.

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      Waqas SaFi

      Try NTNU? National Taiwan Normal University. It’s in Taipei City.

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      Mitch Viray

      Thanks all for getting back to me on this. I’ve been enquiring within the universities thanks to all you guy’s suggestions ^^

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