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    Tom Bakers

    Hey all, I just wanted to alert people to an unscrupulous landlord that I had the misfortune to renting from in Taipei.

    The LET ad was for a room in a building near Gongguan MRT for 14,500NT (plus management fees and utilities) which was misrepresented and a huge rip off… The landlord also regularly steals the tenants’ 2 months deposits at the end of their stay and also finds all kinds of other unreasonable charges to add on to what is already a hugely overpriced room. The landlord’s name is Nancy Chen and the address is: 5 Fuhe Lu, New Taipei City.

    Please guys don’t rent from her! I will also get in touch with the admin of Taipei Expats to include it in their expat round robin notifications, so everyone can be fully aware.

    If anyone has any bad experiences that feels that a particular landlord should go on a blacklist, let us know here.

    Thanks all.

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    Andy Howel

    Sorry to hear this Tom, but thank you for sharing this with us. Yes, please ask to set this landlord blacklist up, it’s a great idea.

    Did you report her to the police?

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    Daniel Roberts

    Tom, did you manage to set up a blacklist? There should be a way we can upload it here to help us all, maybe a notice board or something in the classifieds for the ‘Rooms & Apartments’.

    Looking forward to a follow up on this, guys! 😉

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    Andy Howel

    Hey sorry for the slow follow up. – I’ve been very busy with a few projects and now have time to get back to everyone.

    Yeah it’s a good idea, and I’ve been in touch with Taipei Expats to see if they can help me publish that. Maybe a document attached or an expat guide perhaps? I’ve left it wit the admins, as they will discuss and update me soon.

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