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      Sarah Bell

      Hi guys,

      Has anyone ever been able to use their Taiwanese bank account card to make purchases online at all?

      I haven’t yet tried, but I’ve heard that for foreigners, it’s rather hard to get an account that can be used to make purchases online. Many have even told me about the trouble they have qualifying for a credit card with their Taiwanese bank.

      Any advice how to go about this?

      Sarah Bell

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      David Jenner

      I’ve heard it was almost impossible a few years back, but now becoming more and more easier…

      For a foreign national wishing to apply for a credit card, they must submit tax withholding certificates or other evidence of financial status, also a photocopy of their passport, and a photocopy of a valid Alien Resident Certificate etc.

      Applicants must submit their application according to the rules laid down by the individual card-issuing institution / bank.

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      Elwood Mathy

      Following on from this – Does anyone know of a local bank that will issue a credit card to a foreigner? I am interested in building up a credit history. Have been to three banks, E.Sun, Standard Chartered, and Cathay United. All have told me no – I need a Taiwan ID. Passport and ARC are not enough. I have not had this problem in other countries. Not sure why Taiwan is so restrictive.

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      Johnathan Robertson

      There is no clear path for a foreigner to get a credit card in Taiwan, unless you have a boat-load of money on deposit. All stories are anecdotal. I can’t speak for debit cards or deposit secured cards.

      I have 3 credit cards now, and all 3 were obtained by knowing someone in a position to do something. Two of them are from banks that had previously rejected me, with a stable income history and a financially secure co-signer.

      The first card I got was from First Bank. I was there one day getting travelers checks, the branch manager wanted to chat, when I was finished with my transaction he asked if he could help with anything else, I told him I was having trouble getting a credit card, and he took care of it. The second card I got was from Taipei Fubon, only because one of my clients used to work in their credit card department and was still friends with the manager. Both of those banks had previously rejected my applications. The 3rd card was from Standard Chartered, through an agreement with my employer for moving the business account there.

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      Elwood Mathy

      Johnathan, did the banks that issued you cards (First Bank, Standard Charter, and Taipei Fubon) require you to have a co-signor?

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      Johnathan Robertson

      One did, the other two didn’t. But you are missing the point. The co-signer is irrelevant. I had the same co-signer on all my applications. It was only after someone at the banks intervened on my behalf, did I get the cards.

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