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      Dan Johnson

      Anyone know of any good open basketball courts? None of the gyms have indoor courts so looks like I’ll have to settle for outdoors. I also live in Muzha so somewhere close to an MRT stop would be more convenient.

      Since I recently moved here, I pretty much know nobody except for some cousins and family. If anyone plays basketball, let me know! I’m dying to play. haha

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      Brian Richards

      Easy to find ok 3 on 3 in Taipei, 5 on 5 is more difficult. I suggest going to Adidas 101 court Sundays from 3-7 ish for 5 on 5. Ok runs there.

      For 3 on 3, i suggest Shida and Taida Universities, NCCU has some indoor games Sat afternoon but they cunty about non students.

      Xinsheng court is good from 9-11:30 till lights go out, but I hate the surface and competition. I’d suggest Daan park, my friends and I often play 9-11:30ish on Weds and Thurs depending on the week. It is open late and usually decent competition.

      Indoor basketball is harder to find and way more about cliques. Gym time is not cheap!!

      Any other questions fire away, I’ve been playing in Taipei for many years now 😀

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      Daniel Roberts

      Thanks! I’ll check those suggestions out for sure!

      yeah, I heard 5v5 you usually need your own squad.

      Awesome info by the way!!

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      Eric Jeffs

      Underneath the overpass between Guanghwa Computer Market and Huashan Park near Zhongxiao Xinsheng MRT station.

      There are actually quite a lot of basketball courts. I think the one one across from Taipei 101 is gone now – it used to be adorned with Adidas logos…

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      Ray Pfeiler

      There are pickup games for 3v3s at most outdoor courts (mainly junior high and high schools), most popular ones I know of being the 光華/華山 under 新生高架 that shrimpcrackers mentioned, courts in 大安森林公園, and also the outdoor courts at 台大.

      Some of me friends rent indoor courts to play full court games which are a tad pricey at 大安運動中心, and the TAS alums can rent indoor courts over the weekend at TAS (but I hear they changed the policy so that you have to be an alum to get in now?)

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      There’s a big batch of courts at Xinsheng Park 新生公園. Or why not try Da’an Forest Park – I know friends that play as late at 3am there haha

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      Andy Howell

      There are also Youth Park in Wanhua has 16 hoops on 4 outdoor courts. Tons of people play there in the summertime late into the night. It really gets packed.

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