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      Troy Draycott

      Hi there,

      I’m helping a graduate student at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University. they’re recruiting participants and are looking for white folks in Taiwan who have been in Taiwan for less than 6 years.

      Their research is based on people from different cultures have varied moral judgments in diverse social interactions. Because their experiment stimuli is a photo of a white person, the team requires white people to perform simple moral judgments in order to learn about different perspectives from foreigners.

      Compensated payout is $500 NTD. (More details can be found in the form above)

      If you’re interested or know someone who might be interested to be a participant about the topic, please fill in the google form: https://forms.gle/Tue4RwBvEg3TQ9sr5

      If you have any questions, you can contact the lead surveyor, Irene Chen via email: [email protected]


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      Steve Pidgeon

      I’ve seen this across the internet, and it’s been updated to “Caucasian” White people can be seen a little offensive.

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      Katie Smith

      Why only white? How about brown and black? Do they matter?

      It’s very racist.

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      Troy Draycott

      I appreciate your concern. Because their experiment stimuli is a Caucasian photo, their team asks Caucasians to make straightforward moral judgements on the Caucasian photo.

      To eliminate group bias, they have now designated the individual as Caucasian.

      We also conduct experiments for Taiwanese people.

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      Burundi Pavilion

      How does using a white person to look at a white person eliminate group bias? There is always bias.

      They should expect get generally more positive feedback on the image from someone who looks like the person in the image than someone who doesn’t.

      However, the absence of negative feedback does not indicate that there is not group bias similar to how an internal government investigation, led by the government, does not indicate that the investigation was conducted in an honest manner.

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      Troy Draycott

      Their team requires white people to conduct simple moral judgements in order to learn about different perspectives from immigrants because our experiment stimuli is a photo of a white person.

      To eliminate any potential for group bias, they have changed the participant requirements to be Caucasian.

      But, thank you for your suggestions. They’re now more careful to use these type of words…

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