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The Taipei Expats Facebook GroupTaipei Expats FB Group

We are the official group of Taipei Expats, providing information & services to those planning to be, or already are living, travelling, studying & working in Taipei, Taiwan.

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Taiwantrepreneurs Club group profile imageTaiwantrepreneurs Club

Taiwantrepreneurs is the Taiwanease.com group for internationally-minded entrepreneurs. If you’ve got a business in Taiwan, or are thinking about it, Taiwantrepreneurs is the place for you! What this isn’t: a place to advertise. Of course if you’re starting a business, we want to know about it, but please don’t spam the group with promotions.

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Taiwan content creators group profile imageTaiwan content creators

This is a group for content creators in Taiwan to discuss and share.

It’s for video creators, bloggers, photographers, journalists, artists, musicians, and anyone creating any kind of content. Feel free to ask questions, hopefully someone will have an answer.

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Langveler 語遊客 group profile imageLangveler 語遊客

This is a stage where members can help each other to expand your horizons, open up to new ideas, broaden your insight.

You can find your LE partners, Couchsurfing hosts, language tutors, talent exchange, travel mates, flat-mates , foreign workers, or just a friend to hang out with.

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Filmmaker Nights Taipei group profile imageFilmmaker Nights Taipei

Let’s bring it all together and chat, eat, drink, and network. It’s always good to meet new people with different skills, viewpoints and gear! We have monthly meetings with invited speakers talking about their work, screenings, workshops and networking opportunities.


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Model Talent Network group profile imageModel Talent Network

This group is for foreign models and talent, and anyone interested in the international modeling industry in Asia, and specifically in Taiwan. This is a place to network, ask questions, share tips and ideas, and to post about potential jobs and portfolio-building opportunities.


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Working in Taiwan group profile imageWorking in Taiwan

This group is for those interested in finding a job, promoting their services, or looking to hire. You are also welcome to share information about working in Taiwan. For individuals and start-ups, feel free to post anything related to employment and services in Taiwan. For established companies or employment agencies.

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TGIF Christian Toastmasters Taipei group profile imageTGIF Christian Toastmasters Taipei

DIRECTIONS and Map to our Meetings.

Our Meeting Address:
3FL. Room 303

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Taiwan Business Classifieds group profile imageTaiwan Business Classifieds

The foreign business classifieds group.

If you are an enterprise or if you are looking for some product or service, feel free to post here.

Please feel free to join us.

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Taipei Improv group profile imageTaipei Improv

English language improv group in Taipei, Taiwan… we do improvisational theatre and are based in Taipei. Come check out our monthly show the 1st Wednesday of every month at Sappho! Seeking experienced and ambitious people with quick and creative minds…and some people with no brains whatsoever.

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FSIT: Foreign Students in Taiwan group profile imageFSIT Foreign Students in Taiwan

FOREIGN STUDENTS is a community club set up in 2011 that seeks to bring together international students and young professionals from around Taiwan and provide them with a platform to share information and connect with one another.

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Taipei Writers' Group group profile imageTaipei Writers’ Group

An Active Group of Indie Authors in and around Taipei. Feel free to post anything writing related. Blog posts, poetry styles, etc or just ask us questions about the group. Do not spam unrelated advertisements. We limit personal writing advertisement to once per month (less is better).

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Taiwan ESL teachers group profile imageTaiwan ESL Teachers

For those who have taught, are still teaching or want to teach on Formosa, the beautiful island! Admin cannot verify the accuracy, validity or quality of any information posted on this page. Members are advised to thoroughly research jobs / recruiters / agents / schools before making any commitments.

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Taiwan / Taipei Film Network group profile imageTaiwan / Taipei Film Network

THE place for networking for anyone interested in any area of film / movie production-acting / directing / music / sound design / fx / technical….or otherwise-!!!

Feel FREE to upload pics, movies, and most importantly….to network-!!!


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Taipei Fashion Tribe group profile imageTaipei Fashion Tribe

Explode your imagination & style to create unique Fashion Shoots with Taipei Fashion Tribe!
Join if you are: Photographer, make-up artist, hair stylist, fashion designer, set designer, fashion stylist, art director, Photoshop wiz, creative person interested in any of the above.
Everyone involved can work & use the final photos for their portfolio, or for profit!


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Taipei Tech Club group profile imageTaipei Tech Club

Welcome! We love tech; we love Taipei.

We welcome member posts that benefit the Taipei Tech community: information about local tech events, interesting news links, commentary on technology trends, helpful information regarding life in Taiwan, members seeking help or assistance.

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Foreign Actors/Comedians in Taiwan group profile imageForeign Actors / Comedians in Taiwan

This is a place for foreign actors and comedians living in Taiwan and who, part time or full time, work has actors and were featured in TV Commercials, MTVs, Taiwan TV Dramas or Movies (short or Long) shot in Taiwan. Also this is a good place for networking posting job info…etc. Share your stories, what project you are working on etc…

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Foreigners in Taiwan group profile imageForeigners in Taiwan, meeting friends

This is a place to make friends, share, hangout and help each others. Everyone can join in. This Group is largely designed by the administrators and moderators as a hobby and supervised. Therefore, is no 24-hour care guarantees.


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NTU Students&Foreigners Exchange group profile imageNTU Students & Foreigners Exchange

This is a community for NTU Students, Exchange, Foreigners in Taipei, Taiwan, and all Taiwan Universities members.

Please Feel free to join.


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Taipei Musicians group profile imageTaipei Musicians

For people in TAIPEI, Taiwan to find other musicians to jam with and/or sell instruments!
1. Three AD posts a day of your own and please be considerate of other people. No rudeness or spamming or you will be banned!
2. Must put PRICE TAG on each AD if you are selling an instrument! 3. Invite friends/musicians to this group yourself!


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Foreigners in Taipei group 外國人在台北 profile imageForeigners in Taipei

This group is dedicated for foreigners who wish to collaborate together to help advise on questions and concerns about living, studying and working in Taipei. Feel free to join this group to network, seek information and advice. 

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Foreigners Society in Taiwan group profile imageForeigners Society Taiwan

Foreigners society in Taiwan is a group where you can give advice, make friends to combat loneliness, share things of interest, discuss cultural differences in Taiwan, and share any information that you would think other foreigners should know.

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You are able to tag the related categories so that members can find and join your group.

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