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This is the official information and service site of Taipei Expats, for those planning to be, or already are living, travelling, studying or working in Taipei.

Our online services offer expatriates with comprehensive support and information when it comes to either visiting or relocating to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan.

 Why We Offer Expatriate Services

Life in Taipei as an expatriate isn’t always easy and smooth as many people may think. Despite the convenience of the city’s cheap public transport modes and the abundance of their 24/7 convenience stores, there are a multitude of factors involving language barriers and other differences in lifestyles and culture that can make an expatriate life frustratingly difficult and challenging at times. Based within Taipei, we dedicate our services to appreciate the needs of those who lose the ease and comforts of their home country to live abroad in Taipei.

Looking for Help & Support?

If you’re experiencing any issues or you need answers to a question then we’re on it. We have a number of ways for you to reach the answers you need.

You can explore them all in our help and support section.

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