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Common Questions

Please find answers to several FAQs below. If you still need help, feel free to reach out to us, or Email us at for assistance. We welcome your questions and feedback.

Expat Services FAQ

How to be notified on upcoming events in Taipei?

Where is the community events calendar?

Can I download the useful apps straight to my device?

How to post a listing on the Taipei classifieds?

How to upload my Taipei blog the site?

 Can I add my own pictures to the gallery?

 Taipei Community FAQ

 How do I upload a profile picture?

How do I receive notifications automatically by email?

 How do I find and add friends?

 How do I find and join the groups?

Account Membership FAQ

 What do I do if I didn’t receive an email confirmation when signing up?

Where can I change my username?

 I lost my password, how can I get it back?