Moving To Taipei

Elegant Realty Services

Elegant Realty Services: Finding Your Ideal Rental Apartment in Taipei

When it comes to choosing between Taipei’s many real estate agents and landlords, Elegant Realty stands out as a great choice.

Long-term Hotels in Taipei

Where to Find-long Stay Hotels in Taipei

Whether it be for a short-term work contract, a business trip, or a short time study, our friends found it difficult to find a suitable hotel that doesn’t cost them a fortune.

15 best reasons for living in Taipei

15 Best Reasons for Living in Taipei

Taipei has consistently ranked near the top of the list of best expat destinations in the world. Still, it’s largely under the radar compared to the Asian countries more popular with travelers.

The English-Speaking Expat Apartment Rental Agency in Taipei

UR HOUSE Realty: The English-Speaking Expat Apartment Rental Agency in Taipei

Our move to Taipei would’ve been a lot easier if we’d known about UR HOUSE Realty, a professional English-speaking housing agency that would cater to our needs.

Xiangshan District Park

How to Find an Apartment in Taipei if you Can’t Speak Chinese

Here’s our updated guide on how to find an apartment in Taipei even when you can’t speak the local language.

Tips for foreigners

12 Tips for Foreigners Moving to Taipei

Moving to Taipei but not sure what to expect? Check out these tips so you can be prepared the moment you arrive.

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