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I've bought a larger fish tank as my turtle outgrew his small one, and looking to sell my leftover fish tank accessories since I don't need them after the upgrade.

Everything is just a year old or less and in good condition.

I am selling each item separately at just 300 NTD each.

Please contact me via this listing for more info if you're interested.

Happy to meet at any MRT in Taipei City, just let me know which is convenient for you.

  1. Pumps (Sold individually so tell me if you want the left or the right one): $300 NTD
  2. Filters (Washable, so they'll last a long time. Also includes spare black pipe filters for the pump (they were expensive): $300 NTD
  3. Castle (This was originally $390 NTD and only a few months old): $300 NTD
  • Fish Tank Castle (back)
  • Fish Tank Castle (front)
  • Fish Tank Castle Filters

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