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I got this dehumidifier free with my cell phone contract about 6 months ago. The retail price of it was about $10,000NT. They have these on special offers now be bought for around $7,000NT but constantly out of stock due to that.

The landlord of my apartment already has one (a lower quality one), but I don't need 2!

It's pretty good and fills up fast. - You can tell a difference between qualities, as it still feels worth the $10,000NT.

Size (W * H * D): 20.3 * 48 * 30.4 CM
Dehumidification capacity: 6.5 liters / day
Tank capacity: 2.5 liters
Dehumidification form: B type, 27 degrees, relative humidity 60%)

Special Features: Automatic sterilization of ions, germicidal deodorant clean function, manually adjust the swing angle flap.

If interested, you can get in touch with my profile details, or you can contact me via this ad.

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Adi Rainbow

Digital Marketer

I’m a British expat studying and working in Taipei as a digital marketer, Specialising in SEO. I’m always actively expanding my social circles and networking to learn and share skills with other like-minded expats. Please feel welcome to connect with my profile.

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