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I originally bought this to learn how to play - but admittedly, I still don't quite get it - so I gave up.

It's also ideal as a Mahjong set for traveling and or learning how to play since the pieces are not traditionally huge pieces - but it's all there.

Played/practiced once - so opened once and all pieces are there - pretty much perfect condition - less the initial plastic wrapping.

I think I originally bought it for $550/$600 NTD, but happy to sell it along for a generous $300.

For those that want t, I hope you are more smart enough to learn how to play & enjoy this game.

Pick up ideally any MRT on the green line - thanks!

PS: Please contact me through this listing as I don't get personal stranger social media PMs...

Thanks again 🙂

  • Mahjong Set (opened)
  • Mahjong Set (showen)

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I’m a British expat studying and working in Taipei as a digital marketer, Specialising in SEO. I’m always actively expanding my social circles and networking to learn and share skills with other like-minded expats. Please feel welcome to connect with my profile.

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