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Bought this genuine boomerang from a souvenir store. I paid a little extra for it to be a genuine one that actually returns if thrown properly.

1. I have no idea how to do it, but I never bothered to watch Youtube videos on how to manage it.

2. Living in Taipei and having a busy lifestyle made it harder for me to get the chance to check it out (so I've never actually thrown it). It just ended up embarrassingly being archived as decoration.

3. Kind of bought it thinking it'll be super cool at the time, but I'm not an outdoorsy fan. More of a computer programmer sat down most of the day on my pc ~

Anyway, bought it for $28 AUD ($555 NTD by the time of writing this), but I'll settle for $350 due to it never even being thrown 🙂

Pickup ideally from any MRT on the green line - thanks!

PS: Please contact me through this listing as I don't get personal stranger social media PMs...

Thanks again 🙂

  • Boomerang (side)
  • Boomerang (back)

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Adi Rainbow

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I’m a British expat studying and working in Taipei as a digital marketer, Specialising in SEO. I’m always actively expanding my social circles and networking to learn and share skills with other like-minded expats. Please feel welcome to connect with my profile.

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